We are a bit obsessed with Spain at the moment after our recent trip to Barcelona and today, albeit virtually, we get to explore it’s wonderful capital, Madrid. An incredibly lively city, honeymooners looking for a rich cultural experience won’t be disappointed and with so much to see and do, the only problem is trying to fit it all in. Today, we are featuring a honeymoon session, something you will start seeing more of here on Fly Away Bride as quite frankly, we think they are much better than an album full of strained couple selfies taken in front of monuments that can’t be seen due to a shortness in arm length. Taking us around the city are Mark and Michelle. They travelled from Pittsburg in the States to Madrid on honeymoon and very cleverly reached out to Jesús Caballero to see if it was possible to have one of their days there captured on camera with both of them in the frame. We actually love them.

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From the Bride, Michelle

“Mark and I were married in October 2014 in Pittsburgh, PA. For our honeymoon we went to Spain where Jesús Caballero documented some of our time in Madrid. By this time we had already been to Barcelona and were exhausted from traveling and the excitement of our wedding.

Mark and I aren’t fancy people. We each came with one carry-on suitcase to travel light and fast. We wanted to be ourselves during the photos session: comfy clothes, no makeup and just the two of us. We spent several hours with Jesús learning about the food and culture of Spain. We went to sites such as Parque del Retiro, Puerta del Sol, and Plaza Mayor. It was a warm day for Fall in Spain but we walked and we laughed and we walked some more.  Madrid became a city that felt like home”

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