When photographers meet photographers, really pretty pictures are always the result and we are so thrilled to introduce you to two amazing photographic studios today! In front of the lens we have the really lovely duo Rui and Cristiana from Love Is My Favorite Color who are based in Portugal and behind the lens, is their friend Anneli Marinovich who recently paid them a visit. After meeting at a workshop little over a year ago, the three friends decided to meet up in Rui and Cristianas hometown of Cascais. Cascais is a really quaint coastal town about 30km from Lisbon so it is an ideal location for a honeymoon and who better to ask than the locals for some tips and advice! Of course Anneli captured both Rui and Cristiana and the locality beautifully so we don’t think you are going to need too much convincing! Honeymoon in CascaiPortugal Engagement by www.annelimarinovich.com_0001

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Portugal Engagement by www.annelimarinovich.com_0020Portugal Engagement by www.annelimarinovich.com_0021Portugal Engagement by www.annelimarinovich.com_0019

From Anneli, the photographer:

“Back in May, I visited friends of mine who live in Cascais, Portugal. Cascais is a beautiful little town about 20 minutes’ drive from Lisbon and it is a must visit if you’re ever in Portugal. Cristiana & Rui are two incredible wedding photographers and we met at a workshop in Italy last year. We decided to do a couple shoot for them in their home town and what made this shoot even more special was the fact that it was almost exactly a year after we had first met and became great friends.

We used three gorgeous locations in Cascais ranging from gorgeous Palace gardens, to the beach, ending in the Cascais bay at sunset. I really enjoyed capturing the chemistry between them. It’s very clear how much they love each other and I’m looking forward to heading back to Portugal again in October this year to spend some time with them and the wonder that is Portugal, again!”

From Rui and Cristiana

“Rui and I met at New Years Eve, in Madrid. I was hosting a party at my place and a friend of mine brought Rui along… It wasn’t love at first sight … it began as a very cheerful friendship but at some point we realised we couldn’t live without each other so I guess I can say we definitely married our best friends.

Our engagement was quite the surprise, for me! On Rui’s 30th birthday I invited our family and friends to join me and surprise Rui with his 1st photography exhibition of his work. Little did I know that Rui had asked his brother to keep the engagement ring he had for me (he was planning on popping the question the day after). His (clever) brother who knew about the plans for both surprises decided to take the ring to the exhibition, in case Rui felt the courage to do it there, in front of everybody… and he did!

Our wedding was planned with ease and with a lot of DYI details. We chose a venue by the sea in Cascais where we live, invited our closest friends and had a huge and very emotional party.

We love to encourage people to honeymoon in Portugal because it a beautiful little country that has the ability to amaze you in so many ways and we love living here. From the stunning coastline, the flourishing vineyards or the ancient Palaces and Castles … you just can’t go wrong. We also have amazing weather and you just won’t get enough of the great wines and food we have here. Can you tell how much we love our country?!! It’s hard to make a “must see list” because it really depends on the type of tourism couples want to enjoy and really, no matter what you choose to do in Portugal, you won’t be disappointed.”

Photography by Anneli Marinovich

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