We are starting a new series on Fly Away Bride today in the hope that we might be able to encourage a lot of you to honeymoon in Europe! I’m sure it won’t take too much convincing but I guess couples usually look to escape to a beachside resort for some luxury and we just wanted to highlight some of Europe’s amazing cities and also, the local vendors that can capture some of you post wedding happiness on camera! Today we are with Diogo and Joana as they honeymoon in Belgium and their fab photographer Lounge Fotografia. They explored the beautiful city of Brussels and Bruges and are offering up some of their favourite spots and things to do after spending so much time there!

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From the groom;
“We meet each other during summer holidays in a Portuguese beach, Figueira da Foz and after 2 years together, I decided to propose to Joana during a weekend away in Brussels, in the same location where I actually asked her to be my girlfriend at the beginning of January in 2012.
Our wedding took place on the 23rd of May 2015 in a little village in Portugal (Penalva do Castelo) where we are from. The venue we chose was ‘’Casa da ínsua”, a luxury and Baroque style mansion house-hotel with a lot of history associated with it. Our wedding was the best day of our lives.
We chose our honeymoon session in Brussels because we started our life together in this city. 
Our favourite thing about Bruseels is the multicultural environment and of course you have Belgian fries, chocolate and beer. The Grand Place is also a highlight.
Our must see list for couples travelling to Brussels is The Grand Place, Atomium, Manneken Pis, Delirium, Palace de la Justice, St Michael et St Gudula Cathedral, Chez Renée, Georgette café and Amadeo and we would both recommend a stay of at least five days. Our favourite hotel in Brussles is the NH Hotel Atlanta but a trip to Bruges is also a must.”

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