I am so thrilled and excited today to welcome our newest sponsor the Hepburn Collection! The Hepburn Collection specialise in bridal hair design, creating stunning styles.

“Severin is from Paris and truly ‘French’ in terms of culture, values and inspiration. He cites his heroes as Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and, of course, Audrey Hepburn.”

Can you tell us a little about the Hepburn Collection and what you offer?

Founded in 2006, Hepburn Collection offers bespoke wedding hair design and a unique bridal concierge service, both in the UK and internationally. We have worked with some of the industry’s most reputable brands and hundreds of wonderful weddings, providing the highest levels of service and style.

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Where are you based and what cities/countries are you available to for work in?

We are freelance but based in Surrey and we work all over the UK and Europe.

We offer a choice of three tailored packages:

Perfect Package: Covering the essential hours before the ceremony, Severin and his team will be on hand to style the bride and bridal party with perfection.

Luxury Package: Providing a half-day service throughout the morning preparations, brides and their bridal party will be styled until the moment they
leave ensuring everybody leaves looking and feeling beautiful.
Ultimate Package: For all-out glamour from dawn ʻtil dusk, Hepburn Collection provides celebrity treatment throughout the day to style the full
bridal party and restyle or adapt the hair before the evening celebrations

What advice would you give to brides on the lead up to their wedding so that their hair is in top condition for their wedding day?

We advise that you keep your hair in tip-top condition by booking in a course of deep conditioning hair treatments at your salon. You hairdresser should be able to advise you on the best treatments for home care too.
It’s also important to have your hair trimmed BUT PLEASE be advised by your hairdresser who will be styling your hair on the day of your wedding as to when and how much to take off. Depending on the style you decide for the big day, this could play an important role as to when you should have it cut.
If you have your hair coloured, arrange for this to be done approximately two weeks before the day but we would suggest that you don’t decide to change the colour!

Photograph: louiseselby.com

Photograph: louiseselby.com

Do you have any advice for brides in relation to hair trials in advance of their wedding day?

The most important starting point is to make sure you have chosen the dress – the style of hair will nearly always complement the dress. Start to collect hair ideas from magazines, anything that you think you might like, keep in a scrap book for your hair stylist.
Although it’s nice to have lots of input from family and friends while having your trial, try to not have too many people there. It can be overwhelming and sometimes too many suggestions can cause confusion.

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What are the unique challenges when it comes to hair for a destination wedding and what advice can you give to overcome these challenges?

If the destination has a hot climate you could have a problem with the humidity. The perfect style to create for the hairdresser would be a structured up do, simply because it’s up and away from the face and neck. Realistically however, the bride wants something that complements the weather and surroundings, so therefore it’s usually a down style. As long as the hairdresser uses those magic hair products this should not be a problem. Try incorporating a braid or two for a little twist with some added fresh flowers…very romantic!

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Can you tell us a bit more about the person behind the business, how did you come to work in the wedding industry?

I have always been involved in the artistic side of hairdressing, styling hair for music videos and editorial but when a friend of ours who specialised in wedding hair as a freelance stylist wanted to move away from the industry, he approached us and asked if we would be interested. We only ever anticipated that it would be the odd wedding here or there but it took off rapidly. We immediately recognised that this is where our passion lies and decided to launch our own brand and website – and Hepburn Collection was born!

Have you got any exciting plans that you’d like to tell us about?

This is officially our 5th year in the wedding business, we started out as two but we are now expanding. We are in the process of welcoming on board some very talented hairdressers to be part of Hepburn Collection and will be launching a series of workshops and seminars for other like minded hairdressers.

Would you like to include a Special Reader Offer?

We would love to offer your readers 20% off our Luxury and Ultimate Packages.

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