A mountain top wedding is a great choice for adventurous couples who want their love of nature and adventure to play a central role in their big day. Today talented wedding photographer Catherine from Wild Connections Photography shares her top five tips for making the most of a mountain wedding location. As well as being based in Austria, one of the most mountainous countries in Europe, Catherine is also a bit of an adrenaline junkie who climbs and skis regularly, and had a mountain wedding herself, so she really knows her stuff! Check out her advice below on how to make sure your wedding portraits are extra special in what can sometimes be a difficult spot to shoot in.

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“I love the mountains. And I love weddings. I can’t think of a more perfect location for a wedding than at the top of a mountain, with a panorama surrounding you that rivals an image from National Geographic magazine. Whether it’s in Austria, Iceland or Norway, there are so many incredible locations to choose from, and my goal as a photographer is to feature your love and your location in your portraits. But of course taking photos in these kinds of locations requires a bit of extra planning. Here are my top tips for being able to make the most of your adventurous location and capture stunning portraits!”


You’ve chosen a stunning rural location. Give yourselves (and your photographer) time to explore all the possibilities that the location offers. Usually the wedding guests will be in a mountain hut (or alm as they are known here in Austria) and you’ll want to go somewhere out of their view for some time alone with your photographer. Allowing a bit of extra time to take a walk away from the wedding location can produce some incredible results.

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Yes, really! I’m not suggesting you wear hiking boots for your whole wedding day, but if you want to get photographs of just the two of you surrounded by the beauty of the landscape, we’ll probably need to take a little walk. High heels are neither the most comfortable nor safe for hiking across uneven or slippery ground.


At altitude, the weather conditions can be rather exaggerated, and you can even experience four seasons in one day. The sun is stronger, the rain is harder and the wind is wilder- which all adds to the drama of the location, as long as you are prepared for it. Bring sunscreen, an umbrella and a warm jacket or shrug just in case. Other accessories like gloves, hats and scarves are also great to have for winter weddings to keep you warm while we venture out in the snow.

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Now I’m not going to make you climb on rocks if you don’t want to, or lead you off the beaten path if you are worried about getting your clothes dirty. But if you’re up for a little adventure on your wedding day and don’t mind a bit of dirt on the bottom of your dress or having your hair blown by the wind, then we can really have some great fun and capture some amazing, dramatic images of you surrounded by the landscape that you love so much. I’m more than happy to go outside come rain, shine or blizzard if you are too!


With all the will in the world, sometimes nature is not on the same page as us, and it’s just not safe to venture too far off. In this case it’s a good idea to have a plan B in place. Have somewhere pre-arranged that is sheltered from the elements, or talk with your photographer beforehand about having an after-wedding shoot in the same or similar location on another day.

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All images: Wild Connections Photography

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