How about some shoes, glorious shoes to get the weekend off on the right note? I can’t actually remember the last time we featured a post solely (get it, eh?! :p) dedicated to a pastime both Amy and I enjoy on too regular a basis, shoe shopping! I am such a sucker for detail so as soon as I laid eyes on the beautifully embellished heels of Harriet Wilde’s ornate bridal shoes, I melted and couldn’t help but think of all the gorgeous tea length bridal dresses that would go wonderfully with each pair. (Yes, I’m more of a “let’s find a dress to match the shoes kinda girl” ). Established back in 2008 by Ruth Shaw, the Harriet Wilde brand came to be when Ruth herself couldn’t find a pair of bridal shoes that matched her own personal style. Many of the designs are vintage inspired and feature swarovski crystals, pearls, leaf and flower adorned heels on silk and satin courts and peep toes. Most importantly, Harriet Wilde shoes are made for comfort so you can spend the night partying on the dance floor!

Ornate Bridal Shoes by Harriet Wilde Ornate Bridal Shoes by Harriet Wilde Harriet Wilde Bridal Shoes_0006 Harriet Wilde Bridal Shoes_0005 Ornate Bridal Shoes by Harriet Wilde Harriet Wilde Bridal Shoes_0003 Harriet Wilde Bridal Shoes_0002 Harriet Wilde Bridal Shoes_0001

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