I’m a massive flower and foliage lover and adore nothing more than a room draped in soft, seasonal petals and leaves. I really believe that flowers are the best way of transforming a space whether it’s inside or outdoors and although hanging floral chandeliers are in our opinion, best left to the professionals, it is possible to DIY with a little time, the right supplies and a number of willing helpers. Foliage can be just as lush and pretty as flowers and if you are on a budget or trying to bring the outside in, we highly recommend going this route. It is also more cost effective again if you plan on foraging for greenery locally yourself. As always, a picture paints a thousand words and so we have pulled together some of our favourites from around the pinosphere. We are loving how these hanging floral chandeliers are adding a softness to even the most industrial of spaces and it’s offering me some reassurance for our own Italian wedding next year. If it rains, our indoor space is quite industrial and this is how we will be transforming the space! Not bad for a plan B, is it?

Hanging Floral Chandelier_0002 Hanging Floral Chandelier_0001

If flowers aren’t your thing, how about adding in some fruit like above? Or you could steer clear of fresh blooms altogether and instead use paper. Love them!

DeFiore Photography | Chris Isham | Kate Osborne | Tess Pace Photography | Ryan Price | Imago Dei Photography | Ryon:Lockhart Photography | Apryl Ann Photography | Photographer Unknown via Barbados Weddings

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