Brace yourselves for some cool grooms: For our Wishlist this week we focus on groom style and have a few images of guys who went with suspenders on their wedding day. This is a look that has really started to take off in the last few years, especially with the whole vintage craze. Suspenders will add that quirky little-bit-different touch that your groom is seeking!Groom Suspenders

They can be worn with either a tie or bow tie (I think they look great with a bow tie!)Groom Suspenders
A tailor will tell you that suspenders are usually worn with a waistcoat instead of a belt- to stop the bulge of the belt being seen through the waistcoat.

In older days the waistcoat would not be taken off so the suspenders would never be seen. However obviously times have changed a bit and they can be worn simply under a suit jacket as a statement accessory.Groom Suspenders

I have to say, I am partial to the three-piece suit as well though. Why not go with both suspenders and waistcoat- it would be a slightly different look for the groom each time he loses a layer!Groom Suspenders

This bride and groom had a colour scheme running through the suspenders, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets and the groom’s boutonniere.

Groom SuspendersGroom Suspenders
The above groomsmen took their opportunity to mix it up with different colours, waistcoats and suspenders and I think the whole look works really well. Something else to keep in mind anyway!
Groom SuspendersImages sourced from; You Look Nice Today PhotographyMabyn Ludke Photography, and Sutherland Kovatch Photography on Style Me Pretty | Style Lovely | Alex Diaz via Pinterest Intimate Weddings | Broke and Bespoke | Emmeline Bride | Stephanie Browne

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