To round up this week we are shining a spotlight on groom style yet again and getting down to some of the finer detail. Nothing finishes a well tailored suit quite like a pair of cufflinks but oftentimes, they are forgotten or a complete last minute purchase. From my own experience, it takes a guy a little while to get used to wearing them (please tell me it’s not just me!) as it makes things tight around the wrist so ideally, your groom should have in his possession his perfect cufflinks when he is picking out his suit, or at least a dummy pair! What I love about them though is that they can really say something about the groom’s sense of style or show off a little bit of his personality and you can’t really go too wrong with that. Whether your guy likes classy, finer items or wants to add a splash of colour or fun to his navy blue sleeve, the sky is the limit and you won’t be long finding that perfect pair. We have rounded up a few of our favourites!

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Groom Cufflinks

Craig & Eva Sanders Photography via Kennedy Events

I don’t know about you guys but I think these animal cufflinks are really cool! The owl links below can be bought from Tateossian along with hundreds of other designs. The sausage dog cufflinks are from Cufflinks Depot and probably my favourite are these Paul Costello Antlers.

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Groom Cufflinks

Gifting cufflinks is also a lovely idea and having them engraved with initials or a special message will mean they are cherished even more. Some of our favourites are these special time cufflinks, monogrammed cufflinks and the leather cufflinks below.

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Groom Cufflinks

Finally, we are looking at some well known designers to give you the smallest glimpse of the variety available. No matter what high street, designer store or online shop you find yourself, cufflinks will be so easy to pick up… it’s just a matter of adding them to the never ending list! Links London will always  have a great range but we are particularly loving these silver button links. The cameo “Holmes” Links by Hugo Boss are a firm heirloom favourite while the round, concave, sodalite cufflinks from Thompson London are very slick. Finally, Paul Smiths signature stripe ray links are just lots of fun being colourful and trendy all at the same time.


So ladies, try not forget the groom and if you are looking for a thoughtful present, cufflinks could be your answer.

Friday’s FAB 5

Wrapping up, our 5 picks of the week:

✈  Gypsy picnic

What a pretty dress

Gorgeous photography

Vintage style on the Seine

Glamorous rustic in Georgia

And just incase you missed us with it being summer and all that; we had a chilled out but tasty start to the week with popsicle and poptail refreshment ideas for a destination wedding. Tuesday found us on a cliff-top at sunset in Santorini for the wedding of two professional photographers.. you just knew the photos were going to be good! We headed east across the Mediterranean to another beautiful island on Wednesday where we visited three amazing wedding venues in Cyprus. Finally yesterday found us celebrating a DIY wedding in a field of lavender in Provence. Hope you enjoyed the journey with us this week and safe travels this weekend! x

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  1. Melissa Page

    Those cufflinks are awesome. I got to get those to my fiance so his groomsmen can have it.


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