This bridal inspiration shoot takes place in arguably the most beautiful location we’ve featured: a castle right on the sea in southern Greece. Methoni Castle is a hauntingly beautiful fortress with crumbling stone walls, stunning views over the ocean, and the perfect setting for romantic destination wedding portraits. Inspired by the Greek goddess Mnemosyne, the goddess of memory and remembrance, the vendors involved in this shoot wanted the scene to feel peaceful and contemplative, to capture the bride completely at home in her surroundings. With a sea foam green dress and hair styled to look soft and almost undone, everything about this shoot is calm: the bride is content in her body, soaking up the moment as the waves caress the castle walls below.

From photographer Alexis Rose: “I believe when couples choose to have a destination wedding they are seeking a place that is a tangible representation of their own grand and beautiful romance. For this shoot specifically, I think the combination of the unique venue and location with the lovely styling will really speak to wanderlusting brides. One of my favorite tiny details in these images is: if you look closely at our model’s shoulder in a few images, you’ll notice she has goosebumps! When I saw that while shooting, I couldn’t help but laugh…of course she had goosebumps! It was such a magical place, gown, light, everything. I hope these images inspire couples to seek out similarly magical destination wedding spots for their own special day!” 

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Photography: Alexis Rose Photography | Workshop Directors: Vasia Weddings and Artiese Studios for Boheme Workshops | Creative Direction and Styling: Tahnee Sanders | Gown: Cinobi Cinobi | Makeup & Hair Styling: Frantzeska Koukoula​ | Location: Methoni Castle, Messinia, Greece | Model:​ Marina Maloy for N​ew Model Greece

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