Here at Fly Away Bride we feature quite a lot of destination weddings in Europe, and Italy is definitely one of the most popular countries we publish celebrations in. The wedding we have for you today took place last June at one of the most beautiful reception venues we have come across- which is really saying something since we have featured so many! Christina and Chris, from England and Ireland, live in London and knew they wanted a wedding in Italy. Their dream was to be able to gather all their family and friends together for a weekend in the small village of Montone in Perugia. Since it was the first time everyone would meet, they wanted a few days to enjoy the area and get to know each other. The venue Christina and Chris picked was an absolute dream and really captures all that a wedding in Italy can be: a beautiful place to celebrate with amazing food, wine and dinner with a view to die for. Capturing the memories and fun of the day was one of the most important aspects for the couple, and they were delighted they chose Therese Winberg to document their wedding. Christina and Chris’ celebration was truly all about the people they love and their love for Italy- and last but not least, an adorable little red Fiat that only started when it wanted to!

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Photographer: Therese Winberg | Venue: Torre di Moravola | Flowers: I Fiori di Nicoletta | Catering & Wedding Cake: Ristorante Le Logge | Headpiece and Veil: Agnes Hart | Stationery: DIY

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