I wish we celebrated Thanksgiving in Ireland! The last Thanksgiving dinner I had was four years ago in my brother’s apartment in New York. We went up the street to Columbus Circle and watched the Macy Day Parade. Friends came over for dinner and afterwards, my nephew Jack and I ate so much blueberry pie. I still have the cutest picture of him with a really blue face! It’s a great memory and along with a trip to a yummy bakery in Dublin yesterday, is what inspired today’s post. I can’t find out the exact reason why Pumpkin Pie is associated with Thanksgiving as I understand it wasn’t part of the first Thanksgiving dinner, so if anyone can enlighten me, I’m keen to find out. We might not do Thanksgiving this side of the world, but this is for our readers that do and let’s face it, I’ll take any excuse to have some pie!

Wedding Desserts ✈ A Lesson in Pies

The Pie, The Tart and The Galette are all part of the one family so we have included lots of different type today. Want to know the difference? Well…

The Pie ✈ You will know a pie is a pie if the top of the dessert is completely covered or partially covered in a lattice or other pastry design. The bottom of the dessert can be pastry based but it doesn’t have to be, to be a pie. Confused? Me too.

The Tart ✈ A tart is a dessert that has a pastry base and is filled with something sweet or savory. Unlike the pie, the filling is not covered in pastry and is how you can generally tell the two apart.

The Galette ✈ The Gal-what-e? I’d never heard of this before and I love pastries but I know I’ve seen them in bakeries before. The Galette pastry pie can be described as having a “freeform” base…. so it’s probably the best chance I’ll ever have if I attempt to make a pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Wedding Desserts

Starting off with a the pumpkin pie, top left we have this deep base pie by Sprinkle Bakes, topped with walnuts. On the right is the more traditional crusted pumpkin pie from One Tough Cookie. I always thought that I hated pumpkins  (like truly, nauseous at the sight of them sort of hate) until I once tried a pecan pie. It was in fact a pumpkin pecan pie and lets just say, I’m disappointed Halloween only comes once a year! For those of you who are not convinced, don’t worry. There is a pie for everyone! Bottom left, the recipe to this yummy looking Peanut butter pie, complete with caramel and chocolate ganache can be found over on Budget Gourmet Mom. The sea salt, chocolate pecan pie on the bottom right looks too good to eat and you can find the recipe on Food Republic.

Wedding Desserts

The chocolate brownie pie above comes from one of my favourite food bloggers, an Irish woman living in Australia, Katie Quinn Davies and this recipe can be found on her blog, What Katie Ate.

Wedding Desserts

If chocolate isn’t your thing, well then maybe fruit is and our first fruity treat is this Rhubard Tart, also from What Katie Ate. Next to it, this Apple, Pomegranate Galette Pie is another healthier option and you can find out everything you need to know on A Couple Cooks.

Wedding Desserts

Nutella Pie Pops Wedding Desserts

Wedding Lemon Meringue Pie

Another one of my favourite food bloggers is Swedish native Linda Lomelino. She bakes and shares her recipes on Call me Cupcake and I just adore her Strawberry and Rhubarb PieNutella Pie Pops and Lemon Meringue Pies above.

Yesterday I was in KC Peaches dining with some lovely ladies and my mouth would not stop watering at the sight of their berry pies. I resisted and I’m sorry sorry I didn’t take one home. For thanksgiving, I’m going to give this berry pie a try and I’ve no excuses – Tartlette have straight forward baking directions that even a bad caketress like myself can surely follow, and it’s gluten free.

Wedding Desserts Mixed Berry Pie

I’m not one to generalise, but every single granny in Ireland can make Apple Pies so I had to include at least one apple recipe in today’s round but we have chosen one with a twist. Who in their right mind would pass up these warm apple pie pots by Roost?Wedding Desserts Apple Pie Pots

And so how is this wedding related? Well how about an alternative to the wedding cake and dessert table? Perfect example here from this beautiful wedding on Style Me Pretty by Cappy Hotchkiss Photography

Wedding Dessert Table Alternatives

Hopefully today’s post will help those of you planning for tomorrow’s festivities. Enjoy the family get-together tonight folks.. it’s what it’s all about.

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