When Rina-Marie’s wedding photography arrived in my inbox and I read that her custom made dress was created from doilies, yes doilies, my first reaction was, “what, wow, how!” So who is the unbelievably talented designer behind this very unique wedding gown…

South African designers Teresa Joubert and Stephen van Eeden are the creative innovators behind the Brand, GELIEFT – Bruid & Prêt-a-Porter, specialising in Made-to-Measure Bridal Couture…

“Rina-Marie Mackenzie married Niel van Velden on the 18th of December 2010 at the Van Velden’s Family Farm, Overguaaw Wine Estate. Rina-Marie’s mom owns the quirky bakery in the heart of Ceres – MAMAMACS! And we can assure – they do bake the best cookies in the world! The wedding had an understated festive feel with old school flair and the dress, had a twist to it! The result is everything but conventional! Rina-Marie collected vintage doilies during the months prior the wedding. We incorporated these intricately handcrafted pieces of art into the design of her one of a kind dress. We swapped the French Chantilly laces for Good Old ‘Boere’ lace something truly South African!”



“Who would have known that their Grandma’s coffee table doilies would look so beautiful on someone’s bridal gown! In this day and age recycling is a part of our daily lives and even better if you can embrace it and create something as beautiful from a pile of stuff!”

The rest of the embellishments where combinations of freshwater Pearls, corded laces, pleated veiling, soft tulle and dye techniques applied to the hem to vintage the aesthetics of the dress!”

Photography: Juné Joubert Photography | Venue: Overguaaw Wine Estate

The essence of the GELIEFT brand was born from the inspired vision where fashion and bridal meet a concept encompassing something bespoke yet fashionable.

Photography: Wil Punt of Peartree Photograph

Photography: Christine Meintjes

“We design for women who embrace the aesthetic ideal in our bespoke gowns…”

If you’re looking for a truly unique wedding gown for your special day GELIEFT – Bruid & Prêt-a-Porter may be the designer for you!

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