Strange Bridal Fashion

A bit of travel, some wedding venue viewing, and posts we really enjoyed made this such a short week! So here goes our weekly round-up… deep breath… One of our only sunny weekends this summer started off with an appropriate time-honored song, then on Monday we looked at bridesmaid dress trends we’re seeing at the moment. On Tuesday we featured a romantic destination wedding in Marrakech, while on Wednesday our Wishlist got a bit nostalgic looking at glass vessels used in wedding decorations. Thursday we pulled out all the stops with two great posts (if we do say so ourselves!) the first featuring the destination wedding of two New Yorkers in Vienna with gorgeous photos from Claire Morgan. In the afternoon our flower post had lots of info and ideas about a flower from Australia- round and fun Craspedia.

Glass lanterns and Billy Buttons

Loads to be found this week that we love:

Alice in Wonderland wedding – Love the dress, the cake, the brooch bouquet- everything really!

‘Love song picnic’ engagement – There’s even a 70s feel to the light in these photos.

Quirky English chapel wedding – With green polka dot bridesmaid dresses, sunflowers and a groom sporting a cravat.

Californian wedding under a canopy of trees – Did you spot the Craspedia?

Napa Valley winery wedding – Those cocktails look so delicious.. hey, it is Friday!

Napa Wedding dog

Friday Fashion ✈ Strange Bridal Fashion Moments

We have come across a few very unique wedding dress options in our research for various posts here at FAB and thought we’d share a few this Friday. Here are our top five:

1) The Non-Gown

There is a resort in Jamaica (rather appropriately named the ‘Hedonism Resort’) where you can get married in the nip. Awkward family moment #1 we say!

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Strange Bridal Fashion

2) The Disposable Dress

This year (for the eight time running) Cheap Chic Weddings ran a competition for the best bridal gown made out of… yes, toilet paper. Don’t mean to bring the tone down, but there it is! In case you are remotely interested, the same person won this year and last year’s competition. This year’s winning dress (pictured below) used 10 rolls.

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Strange Bridal Fashion

3) The Edible Dress

Pretty self- explanatory really..

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Strange Bridal Fashion

4) The Balloon Gown

This, em… creation was made in the style of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress by the balloon artist Thelma Levett.

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ Strange Bridal Fashion

5) Uggs… Really?

Ugg launched a bridal range called “I Do” earlier this year. I’m kind of at a loss as to why I find this one the hardest to take. Surely the others were far more weird? “On a day that feels like no other, slip on a pair that feels like nothing else.” Right you are then.

Strange Bridal Fashion

Love to hear your thoughts, and any other weird trends you’ve come across. Have a great weekend!

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