Friday again and doesn’t it feel good? We look at ideas for a groom’s cravat below but first we’ll start from last Saturday for our round up when we had a little more song inspiration for you. Monday dawned in a lovely hue here with some pearl roses inspiration, then Tuesday we had a lovely engagement session in Paris with Juliane Berry Photography and in the afternoon we shared a beautiful Italian wedding on the Amalfi coast brought to us by Belle Momenti Photography.

Our Wednesday Wishlist looked at certain types of wedding photos we love (ones that always seem to just… work!). Thursday we focused on the island of Mykonos in our venue spotlight, then we had a peaches and lavender Italian styled engagement feature in the afternoon with the brilliant Lelia Scarfiotti Photography.

Now the lovely weddings and such we’ve found this week:

✈  Buckinghamshire church wedding – Love: her dress, his suit, the wildflowers, her floral crown… So much to love.

Amazingly fun-looking wedding in Bali – The thirteen (yes!) groomsmen dressed as horses are hilarious.

Australian 1940s style black & white theme – Makes me want to go try on some red lipstick. Right now.

Touching engagement session – So romantic with resplendent sunshine.

Virginia vineyard wedding – The Blue Ridge Mountain in the background and the sun shining throughout the trees:

Friday Fashion ✈ Groom’s Cravat

Military in origin, cravats were first scarves knotted at the neck as part of a soldier’s uniform. The name derives from the French pronunciation of Croatia – where the style originated. The fashion reached England in the 17th century with Charles the First, who declared it part of the uniform of a gentleman. Mostly worn at more formal weddings, they can be a little more expensive than normal ties. They are usually worn with a ‘wing shirt’ which you can see in the photos- although they can be worn with normal shirts as well. They also can be worn inside or outside the shirt. Here are five examples of ways to wear them:

Here’s a video link for your groom on how to tie one. I think cravats can look really cool. What do you think? We’re back tomorrow with another song for you. Have a great weekend!

Images sourced from;  Belle Momenti Photography via FAB Tuesday post | Lelia Scarfiotti via FAB Thursday post |  Rob Garland Photographers via United with Love | Gold cravat: Janelle Stephanie Photography via Grey Likes Weddings | Scarf cravat: Trashness | Red cravat: Favourbrook | Pink cravat:  Bartlett Butcher | Cream cravat: Etsy | Salmon satin cravat: Etsy

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