It’s Friday- line up for the weekend to begin! We look at more France-inspired loveliness with French bridal hairstyles below but first, our roundup of the week begins with some lovely French wedding traditions on Monday. Then on Tuesday we had a beautiful and intimate wedding in Paris (with a glamourous bride!). We looked at sophisticated French style with Audrey Tatou in our Wednesday Wishlist, and yesterday we saw three gorgeous venues in France to get married in.

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ French Bridal Hairstyles

So this Friday the weddings we love from around the web are:

A Georgia wedding with a vintage feel– The dress! The dress! Claire Pettibone of course.

Yorkshire wedding in a teepee – The groom and groomsmen in military dress and pretty fur bride and bridesmaid wraps. And Scrabble place settings- what an inspired idea!

A sunny Florida wedding – Lots of yellow, croquet, sunshine and a happy feeling all round.

A small wedding in an Italian convent – Ooooh, the bride’s shoes! Keep scrolling down, there’s one where she’s holding up her dress so you can see them on!

An outdoor wedding in California – Check out the groom’s suit.. And the vintage furniture they had around the dance floor. So elegant.

Friday's FAB 5 ✈ French Bridal Hairstyles

Friday Fashion ✈ French Bridal Hairstyles

French plaits, French twists and versions of these hairstyles are always in fashion and in keeping with our theme this week we have prepared a few images for your inspiration. Below are two classic French twists, a simple yet sophisticated stye that will stay put all day, and also a version of the french plait called the ‘conch shell plait’ which is intricate and lovely.

 French Bridal Hairstyles

You can also incorporate French plaits or twists into a down-style. A bit more relaxed, this method will help to keep hair in place and a bit more tidy than simply having it down. Gives a lovely crown or halo effect too!

French Bridal Hairstyles

For those who want an up-style but want something a little less restrictive than the French twist, the loose French plait (or an upside down one like below) or French-style multiple buns would work well. I just love this antique Art Nouveau hairpin- would be a lovely addition to any hairdo.

French Bridal Hairstyles

Finally, why not try something more complicated- Marie Antoinette style!

French Bridal Hairstyles

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