We really enjoyed getting the posts together this week! Which makes looking back extra fun. So on Monday we had some DIY inspiration with a charming and budget-conscious tassel garland theme. On Tuesday we had a guest post with 2People 1Life‘s Lisa and Alex as we joined them on wedding number 18 with the Embera Tribe in Panama. We had great fun with our Wednesday Wishlist getting some images from fairytale wedding venues together. Our real wedding on Thursday featured Yosemite as an amazing venue with an adventurous couple and a beautiful setting, then our second post focussed on flower girl style inspiration featuring tutus.

1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses

1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses

We are going vintage-crazy in our FAB five weddings from around the web this week:

Polka-dot theme in an orchard -1950’s Americana-inspired English wedding that looks like so much fun!

New Orleans jazz and vintage inspired -wedding with lots of DIY and pretty details.

A 1940’s style vintage wedding -Summer garden party style. The bride wore a birdcage veil. Need we say more?

A Bohemian wedding in Cornwall -Wildflowers and wellies! So pretty.

‘Old Hollywood’ theme wedding in Washington D.C. -Red roses, vintage costume-style jewellery and mason jar lighting from the ceiling, so unusual!

1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Friday Fashion ✈ 1950s Bridesmaid Dresses

So this week’s five weddings above have us thinking about all things vintage. I loved the polka dot dresses from the first wedding so much that I went in search of more 1950s style dresses for bridesmaids and found the following. The links below will tell you where to find them, hope you enjoy!

1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses1950s Style Bridesmaid Dresses

Happy Friday!

Images sourced from; WedzuGreen Wedding Shoes via Jesyka D’Itri Marés | Joleen Willis Photography | Lancastria | Sean Flanagan via Green Wedding Shoes | Flickriver | FeastingAtHome | Silive | Dreamstime

Bridesmaid Dresses sourced from; Yellow Dress on Etsy | Blue Shimmer Dress on I Love Vintage | Peacock Hair Clip on Etsy | Cherry dress Vivien of Holloway | Blue Pattern Dress with Yellow Belt on Etsy| Blue Floral Dress with Red Skinny Belt on Wedzu | Red Shoes via Charlotte Russe on StsCelebBlog

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