A few weeks ago we shared a few tips on how to keep nails strong and healthy in preparation for your wedding day and over the next while we will be delving a little deeper into the world of nail art, getting a little bit more adventurous in terms of styles as we go. To start off, we thought we would go nice and easy on you and spend a little time looking and learning about the French manicure. I’m a big fan of the French manicure. It’s timeless, classic and elegant and you basically can’t go wrong. Good for first-timers, the style is simply a nude nail with pretty white tips and it goes with every single outfit.

Classic French Manicure

Natural or subtly coloured nails with white tips are the way to go if simplicity is what you are looking for. A base colour isn’t necessarily required if you already have healthy looking nails but if you want a little bit more impact, you might consider a nude, soft pink or peach undercoat.

French Manicured Wedding Nails

Colourful Finger Tips

If you are willing to flirt a little with colour and perhaps display a some of your more adventurous side without your nails overshadowing your beautiful new wedding ring, colourful French tips are a great option. You can go as wild as you like with this one too using stronger colours as the base instead of nudes and naturals with bright tips to add even more drama, but we suggest starting simple and working towards your colour limits. Starting too bold will put you off the idea completely!

French Manicured Wedding Nails

Reversed French Manicure

Colour not enough? Then how about reversing the design? We will be sharing a separate post on nails that feature lots of funky and intricate patterns and designs but if you want to keep things relatively simple, painting the tip at the cuticle end of your fingers will give you a subtle edge. Here are some of our favourites!

French Manicured Wedding Nails

DIY Nails

If you are planning on doing your nails yourself, don’t leave it to the day before your wedding. It takes a very steady hand and even more patience. Luckily, the internet is bursting with “how to” tutorials and pharmacies, beauty retailers and online stores stock thousands of products. If you aren’t going to a salon though, don’t expect the longevity you would otherwise enjoy- and celebrate a small victory if you get 5 days without chipped tips. Practice does make perfect and if you enjoy it, shop around for the perfect shades and brand. If it’s something you are only going to do once, don’t waste your money on product and instead spend it at the salon.

If you have your heart set on DIY, then some of the following Youtube videos and products might help.

This girl seems nice and explains a little bit about how she has managed to keep her nails strong.

Love the Seche French Manicure Travel Set – perfect for a destination wedding. Sally Hanson’s Hard as Nails is pretty good also and some might find the white tip pen useful.

All major beauty brands have their own French manicure kits and you can mix and match your own colours. If you are going for the bold tip, then these French manicure tip strips will help you paint the perfect coloured line.

Tip for Your Tips

If you are going all out, experimenting with colour and/or design make sure you have a trial run.. and arrange it in the run up to one of your dress fittings. What feels like you in your everyday clothes just might not feel right for you in your wedding dress, so be sure rather than sorry. We are all for brides adding their personality to their wedding day, in whatever way they wish, but we also know how easy it is to get hooked on something that is only going to be a passing trend. Be true to yourself, not Pinterest.

So, will you have French manicured wedding nails?

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