If adventure in the countryside is your thing, then you are going to love todays French Alps wedding in Hauteluce. This mountain wedding took place at the childhood family vacation home of the bride, Sabrina and the backdrop for their portraits is simply breathtaking. Destination weddings don’t all have to be about the sunshine as today’s real feature shows. Sometimes it’s just the magic of a place close to a couples heart. Beautiful capture by Carito Photography, as always.wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0001 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0002 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0003wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0004wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0005 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0006 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0007 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0008 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0009 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0010 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0011 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0012 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0013 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0014 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0015 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0016 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0017 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0018 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0019 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0020 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0021 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0022 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0023 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0024 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0025 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0026 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0027 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0028 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0029 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0030 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0031 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0032 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0033 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0034 wedding-in-hauteluce-by-www-carito-photography-de_0035

From Carito Photography

“Sabrina & Hannes got to know one another in 2008 when they met while living in the same dorm in university. Love hit straight away and they have been a couple ever since. Sabrina, the French girl with big curls has a contagious laugh and a is a real character, and Hannes, the smart German guy has a big love for music. 

After many years together they decided to tie the knot in their happy place, the French Alps. Sabrina’s family has a “moulin” there, an old mill they use as a vacation home and Sabrina spent a big part of her childhood there. Getting married there was very fitting for them because they both love the mountains.

Sabrina & Hannes planned a relaxed, laid back mountain wedding with a bit of a vintage vibe, plenty of local influences and a touch of elegance. They wanted to do as much as possible themselves and created the table decor and the stationary at home. Sabrina envisioned everything to be a modern-day Romy Schneider, classy, elegant and full of character. To keep everything as natural as possible they opted for local flowers of the season and incorporated grains and blackberries into the bouquet.

The day started with a church ceremony in the old church St. Jacques d’Assyria in Hauteluce. Friends and family provided the music and readings and everybody was crying with joy. Afterwards they had a small gathering a local hall before the reception on top of Mont Lachat in the restaurant  La Belle Metairie. There we did not only enjoy a wonderful dinner with locally sourced meat and cheese but also an all night long party while the summer storms raged outside. Together with their friends from all over the world they celebrated their perfect wedding day until the wee hours.”

Photography: Carito PhotographyDress: Rosa ClaraBridal Salon: Happy BrautmodenSuit: Oberpollinger | Jewellery: Vintage | Rings: RenésimMake Up & Hair: MB Coiffure Florals: Floralie Church: St. Jacques d’Assyria in HauteluceReception: La Belle Métairie on Mont LachatDJs: Prest’events

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