Today, we are a little obsessed with sweet and simple foliage bouquets. One of the hardest vendors to find when planning a wedding abroad is a decent and creative florist… one who isn’t afraid of stepping away from the bucket of purple spray roses and gypsophila. In certain areas, they just don’t exist, so today, we wanted to encourage you to get creative and think outside the box when you can’t find a florist whose work you love enough to pay for. On a recent trip to Italy, we wandered into a grove of freshly pruned olive trees. Amy couldn’t gather quick enough and her foraged bunch of greenery turned out to be the most perfect, oversized and pretty bouquet we could have hoped to have for our editorial shoot that evening. It also lasted quite a few days.. in the heat! Foliage bouquets are not only beautiful, the hardy greens (olive branches, ivy, lamb’s ear, dusty miller, eucalyptus etc) do far better than delicate flowers in hot weather and it’s very difficult to get the look wrong. Best of all, you can make them for free if you get permission from the land owner to cut a few branches from a tree or bush (em… or snip really quickly without them seeing!). If that makes you uncomfortable, find the nearest florist and pick up some eucalyptus or other greenery they have for sale. Of course, you can add a few simple flowers if you wish. Either way, tying a foliage bouquet with a beautiful ribbon will always work wonderfully and you can even give it a go at home before you travel. We have rounded up a few of our favourite foliage bouquets, some of which even have their fruits still intact!

Foliage Bouquet. Image by Bouquet  Foliage Bouquet  image by Bouquets image by Bouquets image by  Foraged Bouquet image by Bouquet image by Branch Bouquet image by  Hellebore Bouquet image by Bouquets image by

Images by Jaimee Morse | The Long Haul | Bella Grace Studios | Rylee HitchnerGina Meola Photography | Anastasiya Belik | Laura Murray Photography | Jose VillaRylee Hitchner | Jessica Peterson


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  1. Lucy | Blush and Whimsy

    LOVE these bouquets! I always have a wander around our house here in Spain, and pick up whatever nature gives me. And you’re right, they last so much longer than traditional bouquets!




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