Well it’s been a few weeks since we did our last flower feature and we figure it’s high time we looked at another type of bloom! Today we’re looking at the lovely dahlia as a flower that is pretty amazingly versatile. What distinguishes Dahlias mostly are their large, many-petaled flowers. The flower was discovered in Central America in the 16th century, and was introduced to Europe and then the US about 200 years later. Through subsequent hybridization dahlias have evolved from simple blooms with a single row of petals to the dramatic many-petaled flowers we know and love today. If you are looking for a versatile flower for your wedding Dahlias are a great choice as they come in so many different colours and sizes, and hence it’s easy to incorporate them into almost any part of your wedding flowers, from your bouquet to boutonnieres and table arrangements.

Wedding Dahlias


Dahlias come in many different shapes- from the messier, slightly ragged looking blooms (above), to the symmetrical sphere types with tightly packed petals (below). There is also a pointy-petaled type called the cactus dahlia. Some even have fringed petals. Dahlias range in size from about 2 inches wide in diameter to ‘dinner plate’ dahlias which can be as big as a football.

Wedding Dahlias Bouquet


Dahlias originated in a hot climate and have a relatively long blooming season which ranges from July to October, or until the first frost. Perfect for those of you planning a wedding for later on this year!


✈ Avoid single-petaled dahlias as they tend to drop their petals and hence are not the best for wedding arrangements.

✈ Cut stems early in the morning or in the evening, and at an angle.

✈ Place stems first in warm water (37°C/100°F) for half an hour, then place in cold water.

✈ Leave in cold water for at least three hours before they are needed.

✈ Vase life for dahlias is about a week, so keep in a cool location to make sure flowers stay fresh this long.

✈ Change vase water daily.

Wedding Dahlias: Flower Types  Dramatic Wedding Dahlias


Since they don’t have a scent, Dahlias are extra colourful (in order to attract pollinating insects). This means they are perfect for wedding bouquets and decorations. Dahlias come in pretty much all colours except blue, and can also have splashes or stripes of two different colours on the same bloom, or a different colored centre. They not only boast a range of different hues but their tones can range from the subtle (as above) to the brash (below).

Wedding Dahlias Bouquer

Orange Wedding Dahlias

Dahlias can work well either on their own in a bouquet or can be combined with other flowers to add variety. The fact that there can be two colours on the same bloom makes them especially suited to use on their own for a bouquet.

Wedding Dahlias Bouquet

Because of the fabulous range of colours that dahlias come in, it is possible to get almost any shade. This really opens up the possibilities of your floral arrangements- look how closely the pinky-purple dahlias in the bouquet below match the bridesmaid’s dress!

Pinky Purple Wedding Dahlias

Dahlias also mix well with any other flower types. For a lovely, simple table piece, try combining different flowers in the same colour like this arrangement with white dahlia, hydrangea and delphinium. White and green works so well together and is often overlooked as a colour combination.

Wedding Dahlias Table Arrangement


French ✈ Dahlias | Spanish ✈ Dalias | Italian ✈ Dalie | German ✈ Dahlien | Danish ✈ Georginer | Maltese ✈ Dalji | Portuguese ✈ Dálias |  Dutch ✈ Dahlias | Swedish ✈  Dahlior

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