This beautiful session is Francesco Spighi‘s rendering of Marina and Andrey, a Russian couple so in love, on a warm November morning in Florence. The trio toured the city centre before heading to Parco della Cascine to take advantage of the beautiful autumn shades. We love the palette Florence displays in all its beauty, Francesco’s vintage editing of the images, and Marina’s incredible style. 

From Marina: “This romantic photo session was a dream come true for us. The year 2014 turned out to be such an important year for our family- our fifth wedding anniversary and above all a beautiful gift- our baby girl. Our little daughter brought extraordinary joy to our house. When we became parents, our life became fuller and our wishes, emotions and love for each other stronger and brighter: the moment a child is born it gives you the inspiration to make your dreams come true.

There was no doubt what country and town to choose for our fifth anniversary session. Italy was the first place we travelled together and Florence is so romantic, inspiring and elegant. Our master photographer Francesco Spighi managed to capture our mood and the real us, still young and free, embracing the beauty and somehow the intimacy of our love. New round of our love. The air was fragrant and the sun tender on our shoulders as we set out on a Monday in November for our portrait session. If you are planning to have your romantic photo session in such a popular place as Florence, choose the early morning: not only will you have the streets to yourself but the light will be magnificent too!”

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Photography: Francesco Spighi | Marina’s Coat, Dress & Boots: Zara | Shoes: Basconi | Hat: Massimo Dutti 

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