To say we love flowers here at FAB would be a massive understatement and we are pretty sure that most of you really appreciate them too. Traditional wedding flowers usually include the bouquets, button holes and general décor so, today we rounded up some other floral installation inspiration and have plenty of other ideas on how to put your blooms to extra use. Although they can be expensive, we think you get a great return on your investment when you see beautiful photos such as these below and I will definitely be incorporating a few of these ideas into our day

Flower-fillled ideas board

Swing: Photo: Cat Hepple Photography via Burnetts boards | Baul: Photo: Set Free Photography via Southern weddings | Truck Garland: Photo: Landon Jacob via Southern weddings | Clutch via Christa Elyce Photography | Photo booth frame: Photography Birds of a Feather  via Weddinh Chicks  | Horse: Photography: Ashley Kelemen via SMP| Piano: Photography & Design: Anne Robert via Burnetts Boards.

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