We don’t feature too many destination weddings of the beach variety but one of our favourite weddings so far this year was a relaxed picnic on a beach in Crete. We loved the laid-back feel of that celebration and ever since, we’ve been lusting after the sea and sand. While a beach setting is incredibly beautiful and romantic, there are some practicalities that have to be considered- such as your footwear. Negotiating stilettos while you walk a sandy aisle is not a good look, nor is it a good idea. There are still plenty of gorgeous options for a beach wedding but one of our absolute favourites is the floral anklet. They are a little bit boho, incredibly romantic and perfect for both the bride and the bridesmaids. Worn like a hand corsage, flower anklets are comfortable and can even be worn over a pair of shoes if you’re not going to the beach!

Of course, they are only cute if they can be seen so if you’re wearing a big ball gown which will trail the floor for the day, a flower anklet isn’t really worth the effort. Something shorter, lighter or perhaps with a slit in the skirt will show this lovely little trend off to full effect, and if it’s something you are hoping your bridesmaids will wear on your big day (maybe instead of a bouquet), a short cocktail dress will not only suit them better in the heat, it will ensure their pretty, fresh and unique footwear will be seen. Gorgeous!

Bare Foot Bride Anklet_0001Bare Foot Bride Anklet_0006Bare Foot Bride Anklet_0005Bare Foot Bride Anklet_0004Bare Foot Bride Anklet_0007 Bare Foot Bride Anklet_0002

Image Credits: Paula O’Hara PhotographyWhite Loft Studio via SwoonedKamp Photography |Bit of Ivory Photography via Burnett’s Boards | Anushé Low via blovedMelissa Schollaert Photography | Brooke Adams |  Reverie Supply via Bridal Musings

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  1. Vanessa@long island wedding venues

    This is gonna be a trending post for 2016. This floral anklet is looking tremendous. I just loved it:) I am gonna suggest this to my friend and this will surely look beautiful with her vintage inspired floral dresses. Thanks!


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