Sophia and Max met at university in Chile. They studied together and photography has always been a big part of their love story, capturing images of each other everywhere they travel. The got engaged in Chile but have only a single photograph to show for the moment and afterwards the couple wanted something more substantial to capture their love. A second visit to the island of Ibiza was the perfect opportunity, and together with Ana Lui they set out for their photography session early last January, on one of the coldest and most windy days of the Ibizan year. The beautiful rocky shore of Punta Galera, with its raw cliff tops surrounded by woods of gnarled pine trees and wind-bent roots, fitted their theme of modern-rock-chic perfectly. Instead of flowers they found dry buds and branches to complement their rocky surroundings. Ana shot on film in order to capture the perfect sunset light, using a medium format Contax 645 camera with Kodak Portra rolls. For Ana, analogue photography is the perfect fit for the rawness of the island of Ibiza. As you can see, the result was truly beautiful, and don’t miss Sophia and Max’s simple yet enchanting video below.

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“We got engaged in 2010 on Ritoque beach in Chile. It was incredibly windy but so magical with the sea and everything in chaos while our special moment unfolded. Max got out the champagne and the ring- it all happened so fast that all we had afterwards from the moment was one photo snapped by Max. I’m so happy we did this shoot with Ana Lui Photography in Ibiza. We finally got some ‘closure’ because we love photos so much but had not experienced having our images taken by somebody else. We had visited Ibiza years ago as well but were so struck by the island at the time that we completely forgot to take any photos. So we’re doubly grateful that we had this session!”

Photography: Ana Lui Photography | Video: Adam & Marina for Ana Lui Photography | Music for Video: Marina | Film Developing & Scanning: Carmencita Film Lab

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    Of course when you combine the raw talent of one of our best wedding photographers with Ana’s innate passion for nature, the result you get is nothing short of spectacular. Happy to continue working with Ana Lui Studio, as we have done in the past 5 years. Sole Segura, Formentera Weddings.


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