The Anna Maier Fall 2015 collection stood out for us as it keeps mainly to a classic line, veering away from the fussiness found in much of the rest of the Fall 2015 bridal collections this week. Glamourous sculptural satin ballgowns compete for attention with more demure but beautifully detailed lace creations. There is one empire line gown which I particularly love (fourth from end)- the leafy shapes of the embroidered bust and waistline as well as draping tucks at the bottom evoke a whimsical, almost nymph-like feel. Refined elegance is the name of the game here, yet there’s a surpising splash of colour in this collection too with gowns of pale blush, navy, several in black and one an amazing deep scarlet.

Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0013Anna Maier Fall 2015 Bridal Style Anna Maier Fall 2015 Bridal Style Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0006 Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0001 Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0000Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0011 Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0010 Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0002 Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0009 Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0014Anna Maier Bridal Fall 2015_0004

Images via WWD

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