This week we have put together a few dream venues where we would just love to have a wedding. Hope you enjoy these images of the most beautiful fairytale wedding venues abroad and get some inspiration to carry you through the middle of the week!

Fairytale Wedding Venues Abroad

Gotham Hall ✈ New York City

I can’t get enough of this ballroom. Gotham Hall is a large former bank with magnificent greek columns and marble floors. The ballroom features Art Deco style and a vaulted dome ceiling which reaches seven stories high. Impressive! Because it’s such a big space (the ballroom can hold up to 1200) they often use the sweeping curtains you can see in the photos to make it a bit more intimate. Gotham Hall has even hosted a Grammy after-party and a fashion show. A venue to make you feel like a star!
Fairytale Wedding Venues AbroadFairytale Wedding Venues AbroadFairytale Wedding Venues Abroad

Castle Neuschwanstein ✈ Germany

The ultimate fairytale castle, Neuschwanstein was reportedly Walt Disney’s inspiration for the  Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland.

The problem is that because Castle Neuschwanstein has so many beautiful mural paintings (which you can see examples of above) photography is forbidden inside the building as it would damage the delicate paintings. For this reason wedding parties are not generally allowed inside the Castle. However there are several hotels nearby such as the charming Hotel Hirsch from which you can travel a short distance to have photos taken featuring the Castle as a backdrop (and what a backdrop!). I suppose wishes can’t always come true…but we have found another castle for our Wishlist which competes with Neuschwanstein for grandeur and which does do weddings.

Casa Loma ✈ Canada

Built in 1911 in Toronto, Casa Loma cost $3,500,000 to construct- an enormous amount of money at that time. Three main rooms can be exclusively booked for a wedding- the Great Hall, the Library and the Conservatory, accommodating up to 550 guests. There is a Terrace which overlooks the luscious gardens with sculptures and fountains- an ideal place for photographs.

Ahh…if only.

And finally one more wall mural image from Castle Neuschwanstein, this one is of Tristan and Isolde- so beautiful.

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