The notion of “fado,” or fate, inspired the wedding inspiration we have for you today. Set in Portugal, the vendors involved strove to capture the essence of their beautiful country: the journey, customs and destiny particular to Portugal. Set in the region of Torres Vedras about an hour north of Lisbon, the shoot was captured by the team at  Gloria Aguiam Fotografas and designed by the talented Como Branco Wedding Concept (whose featured recently!) The models used for the shoot are Susana and Rui, who are actually a real couple- which you might be able to tell from the depth of their emotion. Typical Portuguese details were used for props and table settings: swallows welcoming spring time, sardines, “fado” shawls and Portuguese guitars. Be sure to check back in with us tomorrow when we’ll be sharing the video to this session with some really beautiful Portuguese guitar music!

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Some background from Como Branco: “For us, as Portuguese, it’s of course easy to think of Portugal as a top choice for celebrating destination weddings. We know by heart the characteristics that distinguish us, but when it comes to explaining our essence and why foreign couples should wish to celebrate the most important day of their lives here, more is needed than just wonderful photos of our landscapes and monuments. We wanted to show what really moves us passes from generation to generation: our journey, our customs and our destiny- our “fado,” or “fate”: thus came the starting point for the challenge of creating this shoot. Ultimately we wanted to share a little bit of who we are and what makes us special apart from our landscape and people. This peculiarity cannot be found anywhere else in the world, and it’s the perfect reason to come to Portugal and marry among us.”

Photography: Gloria Aguiam Fotografas | Video: Shot & Cut Films | Production, Concept & Styling: Como Branco Wedding Concept | Venue & Styling: Quinta do Hespanhol | Dress: Vestidus Atelier | Fado: Fados Fora de Portas  | Makeup: Makeup Martist | Hairstyling: Urbann’chic Hairstudio

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