Two weeks ago, we looked at wedding stationery suites – what you need, don’t need and everything in between. We promised to follow on from that post with a few guides on different invitation printing options and styles so that you have a better understanding of what’s on offer and what it might set you back. We thought we would start with our favourite, letterpress invitations.

Letterpress Invitations

Letterpress printing dates back to the 1400s and still enjoys the limelight when it comes to luxury wedding stationary today. The remarkable thing is that in today’s world of modern technology, the process of creating beautiful letterpress wedding invitations remains the same as it was in the beginning.

Letterpress Invitations

To start, metal plates that have been carved out only to leave the wording and design of the invitation behind are created. The plate is then set into an antique press. Thick cardstock is fed piece by piece into the letterpress machine by hand. When the printer is pressed, the plate meets the cardstock and leaves behind beautifully indented wording and images in the paper.

Letterpress Invitations

Because only one invitation is pressed at a time, each invitation is subtly unique and you should expect to see very slight variations in position, colour and impression.

Letterpress Invitations

The effort involved in creating this type of wedding stationery is reflected in the price and you can certainly expect them to cost more than digitally printed invitations. The price goes up even further if you choose to have more than one colour as only one shade can be pressed at a time. For each additional colour, the invitations need to be re-fed back into the press so it requires more time and work. Having said that, letterpress invitations are a beautiful thing to behold and there is something really special about stationery that is so lovingly crafted by hand. In our opinion, they are definitely worth the extra spend if you have room in your wedding budget.

Letterpress Invitations

I recently held letter pressed invitations that were set on really thick card. They were so beautiful that I wanted to frame them and I’ve definitely been sold! Invitations aren’t every couple’s priority though, especially when you consider the cost of an item that will most likely end up in the recycling bin, so we are really curious to know just how important they are to you? Does it matter that you make a good first impression or would you rather spend your hard earned cash elsewhere? With a big interest in styling, I’d fight people on this one for sure. I really think an invitation can set the tone but I also think that it can act as the simplest form of a mood board. Your flowers, table settings and displays should all compliment each other and given that your invitation is one of the first pieces that you will have to decide on in terms of style and colour – it makes sense that everything else fits in around it. That’s just me and my own opinion and I’d really love to hear yours!

Letterpress Invitations

All the invitations featured are from Minted and I can vouch for how gorgeous they are in real life. There are plenty of letterpress designers out there but some of our favourites include Farrell and Chase and Eva Slade.

We will be back during the week to showcase other types of invitation printing methods so you don’t have to make up your mind just yet!

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