We have some good new for you today- we’re so glad to tell you that we’ve found another country in Europe with marriage laws that actually make it relatively easy to have a destination wedding in. Of course there is still a bit of red tape to a legal wedding in Malta, but what a relief to find no residency requirements, or any pre-requisites regarding various religions. No wonder so many people come to Malta each year to get married! Now that you know it’s so easy to get married here, be sure to check out our Malta Destination Wedding Guide where we have some fantastic Maltese wedding venues and vendors to showcase.

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First Glance Facts

✈ English and Maltese are the official languages here, so English is spoken by most of the population

✈ No residency requirement (but you do need to make an appointment at the Malta Registry before the wedding day itself)

✈ Civil ceremonies can take place outside the Registry office, any day of the week in approved locations (see below)

✈ The Euro is the currency here

✈ Minimum age to marry is 16, those 16-18 will need written parental approval

First Things First

A Notification of Intent to Marry (Request for the Publication of Banns) must be received by the Marriage Registry earlier than six weeks but not more than three months before the date of the intended marriage. Before the request is made, ensure that you have a confirmed date and time for your wedding.  If, for any reason, the venue for the wedding needs to be changed, advise the Marriage Registry no less than three weeks in advance.

Legal wedding in Malta


Documents Required

Documents are accepted in either English or Maltese. If they are in any other language, they must be translated and legally authenticated.  

✈ Application Form RZ1 and Declaration Form RZ2 duly signed.  These forms will be provided by the Marriage Registry in Malta. (In order to complete these you will need the below documents)

✈ Government Birth Certificates showing both parents’ names

✈ Passports and photocopies thereof

✈ Passports of two witnesses and photocopies thereof

Required by those previously unmarried:

✈ Free Status Certificate from their local Registrar.  If the registrar cannot issue such a certificate, a declaration in the same sense by a member of the legal profession would be accepted, provided that the declaration is the legal person’s own, made after due research, and not your own affidavit.

Required by those previously married:

✈ Official documents certifying that such marriage or marriages are no longer binding, i.e. a Divorce Decree or a Death Certificate of former spouse.

✈  Affidavit by a third person drawn up in the presence of a solicitor stating that since the divorce of death os former spouse the person in question did not remarry.

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Your Meeting at the Marriage Registry in Malta

Information needed on the meeting day:

✈ The place, date and time of the wedding

✈ The surname which the bride will be using after marriage, ie: either keeping her maiden surname or taking her husband’s

✈ Names of both witnesses and their parents’ names

✈ Witnesses’ places of work

Legal wedding in Malta

Marriage Registry Contact Details

Here are the links for the official registry website, ordering certificates online and downloading printable forms.

Marriage Registry (Malta)
Evans Building
Merchant Street
Valletta  VLT 2000

Email:  pubreg.marriage@gov.mt

Phone:  (+356) 2220 9200       

Civil Wedding Locations

✈ In the Marriage Registry

The Registry is available on any day of the week (Monday to Sunday) by appointment beforehand.

✈ At Any Other Public Place

This must be confirmed beforehand as an appropriate place by the Registrar. Such venues that have been accepted as appropriate are: Wedding Halls, Conference Rooms and other public areas within hotel precincts. If the wedding will be held outside the Registry, the couple must provide pick-up and return transport for the Registrar conducting the wedding.

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Religious Weddings are celebrated in the church of one’s denomination. Ten days prior to the marriage date the couple are to collect three documents prepared by the Marriage Registry and submit them to the Parish Priest of the place where the wedding ceremony will be held. Immediately after the wedding celebration has taken place, the celebrant reads the certificate aloud to the couple to make sure there are no misprints or irregularities. Then, together with the witnesses and the celebrant, the marriage certificate is signed by the bride, groom, witnesses and celebrant.


Contact must be made with your local Catholic church first to book your wedding date. You must then select the church you will be married at in Malta. Here is a list of all Catholic churches in Malta. All civil responsibilities must be adhered to, so the above documents and requirements will be needed.

✈ At least one half of couple must be Catholic.

✈ Neither can have been previously divorced.

✈ Your parish priest will have to liaise with the church you will be using in Malta and paperwork will need to be completed to this end at home, usually through the bride’s parish.

Catholic Documentation

You’ll need the following documentation, all of which you will need your parish priest’s help with, to reach the Maltese church within 2 months of your wedding:

– Pre-nuptial enquiry

– Baptismal, Communion and Confirmation Certificates issued by your parish, within the last 6 months

– Letter of Freedom to Marry

– Appropriate Certificates such as Death Certificate of former spouse, Nullity Decree, Dispensation (if one of you is not Catholic)

– All of the above Civil Documentation also

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PROTESTANT WEDDINGS: Anglican, Presbyterian & Methodist

Keep in mind that the above civil requirements and documentation must be fulfilled. Here you’ll find details of the Anglican Church, the Presbyterian Church and the St Andrews Scots & Methodist Church in Malta. You will need to contact your local church directly to arrange a wedding date.


✈ Full birth certificates for both bride and groom

✈ Certificate of No Impediment or equivalent

✈ Death Certificate if appropriate

✈ Change of Name Deed Poll

Legal Wedding in MaltaKings Lodge


Gozo is a small island about a third of the size of Malta located at Malta’s northwest tip. The same legalities as above apply for weddings here, but those opting for a wedding in Gozo will apply to the Marriage Registry in Gozo instead of the Malta Registry. The contact details for the Registry here are:

The Public Registry of Gozo

(+356) 21 553 732

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  2. Carla

    I want to know how long time it take to give me the marriage certificate if i decide to get marry in malta?
    I want the faster legal wedding and i need to know what is e faster and easier country to get marry and get the certificate?

    • Caroline Beck

      +Hello, I am thinking of getting married in Malta in 2017. I’m not having a big wedding just family. I am having a small wedding about 20 to 30 people, so would not need a large venue, Could you supply me with prices and venue and what is the best month to get married in please.
      Thank you

  3. Shanda

    Hi, i also need to know how long it takes to get married in Malta as two foreigners as i need the fastest place. Thank you!

    • Amy

      Hi Shanda, Notification of Intent to Marry much be received by the Marriage Registry at least 6 weeks before you intend to marry, so in theory this is the shortest time that wedding proceedings will take (you also must have confirmed the date and time of your wedding before submitting your Notification to the Registry).

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    hi.. we r thinking to get married in malta in may 2016.. could you send me some information about beach weddings please…

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    Hi i was wondering about the marriage certificate? When can we get it in case. And we are planning to get married in April 2015. What are yoursuggestions?

  6. Leigh

    Very interested in having a small wedding in Malta August 2016, but I really won’t need a large venue. Are they accommodating price wise?

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    I am looking to see about having a small wedding in Malta in 2017 as we would like to come over and visit venues and see places before hand. Could somebody please tell me more information on how to go about this and prices etc as we have spotted a view venues we like and if you know of anymore that are similar that would be greatly appreciated.

    • Alison

      Hi Chloe

      I am considering the same for 2016 if possible. Would you be kind enough to share your ideas?
      I’m afraid I have nothing yet to share, I’m currently researching Belgium.

      Many thanks,

  8. waw

    hi. we planing to get married in February 2016 or June 2016 no of guest (married pair + 3 Adult guest and a small baby of married pair. whats the price for cerremony plus all weddings registration and ect

    • Amy

      Hi Waw- definitely recommend you work with a planner in the area, since we’re an online magazine we can give you idea for venues but we can’t give you a price since we don’t plan weddings in Malta!

  9. Vivien

    Hi, we are planning a church wedding in Malta. My fiancee is Maltese, I am foreign living in Malta. We are attending the Cana course. I was baptized and have holy communion, but do not have confirmation. My boyfriend has all these. Can I still get married in the church even though they require the confirmation certificate?

    • Amy

      Hi Vivien, we’d really recommend you talk to your (or your fiancee’s) priest about this! We are not 100% about the Catholic wedding requirements.

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    Hi I want my wedding in May 2017 in Malta and I am interested in a small beach wedding can you give me any information on this as to location cost etc… Staying near st Julian’s in a villa

    Thank you

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    Hi, we are looking for a small wedding in Malta this year. Honestly it is quite sudden. We want it to be very intimate. Just the 2 of us and maybe, just maybe some of our friends who can make it. Max 10 people. Both of us are Indonesian, is it possible for us to get married in Malta? Can you please help me with the cost, location, and the civil registrar, etc? Thank you.


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