Finally!! A European country that has a straightforward process for non-nationals wanting to get married in it! Whether you want a civil or church ceremony, a legal wedding in Gibraltar is made easy with no residency requirement and simple documentation requirements. We will admit, it probably isn’t the first place you think of when dreaming of getting married in Europe, but with an easy commute over the border to Spain where marriage regulations for non-nationals are no fun at all, we couldn’t leave it out. After all, if it was good enough for John Lennon, it’s good enough for us.

✈ No residency requirement but you do need to be there for a period of at least 2 days to receive your special marriage license

✈ Civil ceremonies can take place outside the Registry office, any day of the week in approved locations (see below)

✈ Don’t let its proximity to Spain fool you, Gibraltar is English speaking with English customs and currency

Legalities of getting married in Gibraltar

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To be completed at home

In order to get married by way of a Special Licence, you will have to satisfy the Registrar that you are free to marry. This is done by completing and signing your affidavits before a Notary Public or Commissioner for Oaths. The Registry office will be able to provide you with a ist of registered Commissioner for Oaths or Notary Publics. Licenses are valid for a period of three months from the date of issue and the documentation required to complete the process must be in english or accompanied by their English translations and are as follows:

1 ✈ Valid Passports

2 ✈ Official, Long Form, signed Birth Certificates

3 ✈ Certificate of No Impediment or equivalent

This is the certificate that states that you are free to marry. UK citizens don’t have to obtain this document

4 ✈ Divorce Certificate (if appropriate)

6 ✈ Death Certificate (if appropriate)

7 ✈ Parents Consent if either party is under 18

8 ✈ Members of the Armed Forces will need to produce a letter of consent from your Commanding Officer

9 ✈ Change of Name Deed Poll

If you have changed your name by deed poll or some other way, you should submit your original change of name deed.

10 ✈ You will need to make an appointment with the registry office either by phone, mail or in person to book your wedding date. Their contact details are;

The Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages
Civil Status & Registration Office
Joshua Hassan House
Secretary’s Lane

Tel: +350 200 72289
Fax: +350 200 42706

They won’t allow you to book your wedding date more than a year in advance so bear that in mind. They will also want to know whether you plan on having your wedding at the registry office or in one of these approved locations – The Rock Hotel. The Alameda Botanic Gardens ( Open from 01 April to 30 October – and is weather permitting),• The Mount, The Caleta Hotel, The O’Callaghan Elliot Hotel, Mons Calpe Suite – Cable Car Station (Top of the Rock), The Queens Hotel.

✈ The above documents will need to be faxed or emailed for approval along with the appropriate fee (in pounds sterling) to secure your booking. Original documents will need to be presented as in the next step.

To be completed when in Gibraltar

✈ When you arrive in Gibraltar, you will need to present your original documents to the Registry Office in person. This can be done from 3months up until 3 days day before your wedding.

✈ At the registry office, you will be asked to sign affidavits before a Commissioner of Oaths. There will be a charge for this service

✈ You should make arrangements to have your marriage certificate legalised and posted while at the registry office.

✈ If you are holding your wedding reception outside of the registry office, then you will need to make arrangements to transport the registrar.

✈ Two witnesses are required and both must be over 18.

✈ The ceremony will be conducted in English but you can bring along your own interpreter if needs be.


Wedding Rock of Gibraltar

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To be completed at home

You will need to contact the local catholic church you wish to be married in in Gibraltar to book your wedding date. Here you will find a list of all Catholic Churches in Gibraltar. All civil responsibilities need to be adhered to also including swearing an affidavit in front of the Gibraltar Commissioner of Oaths.

✈ At least one half of couple must be Catholic

✈ Divorced persons cannot be married in the Catholic Church

✈ Paperwork needs to be completed at home and it is usually through the brides paris. You local parish priest will be used to liaising with Catholic churches in other countries to help you with paperwork

✈ Forms and documents that are not in English will need to be translated


1 ✈ Pre -nuptial enquiry

Your local parish will provide you with this and it is required by both of you

2 ✈ Baptismal, Communion and Confirmation Certificates issued by your parish church and within the last 6 months

3 ✈ Letter of Freedom to Marry

A formal letter from your parish priest that states that you have fulfilled your Pre – Marital course requirements. This letter should also include permission from the priest that you are free to marry in a Catholic Church elsewhere. The priest will forward this on to the local Archbishop who will prepare a cover letter. Along with the rest of the items listed below, your priest or Archbishop will forward these documents on to the local parish in Gibraltar.

4 ✈ Other Documentation

Along with the documents above, the Archbishop will also need to send on certificates that might be appropriate such as Death Certificate, a Decree of Nullity, or a dispensation letter if one half of the couple is not Catholic.

Documents should reach the church you wish to be married in at least 2 months before the wedding date.

To be completed when in Gibraltar

Please refer to the same section in the Civil Ceremony process as outlined above as it’s more or less the same and sure why would we repeat ourselves!


To be completed at home

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is the only Anglican church in Gibraltar. Again, non nationals must also obtain a special license to marry by following our guide to a civil ceremony above. In addition to this, you will need to contact them directly to arrange a wedding date and proof of your civil wedding either in Gibraltar or from home wil be required closer to the wedding date. Some quick facts;

✈ One or both parties must be Anglican

✈ Neither parties must be divorced

✈ If both of you are not Anglican and/or either or you are divorced, you are still welcome to have a blessing


1 ✈ Full birth certificates for both Bride and groom

2 ✈ Certificate of No Impediment or equivalent

3 ✈ Death Certificate if appropriate

4 ✈ Change of Name Deed Poll

If you have changed your name by deed poll or some other way, you should submit your original change of name deed.

To be completed when in Gibraltar

Again, take a look at the civil marriage section above as you will be required to follow these steps before you can have your ceremony in the Anglican church.


Procedures to be followed are very similar to the Anglican faith in that you must make arrangements with the church to secure a date for the wedding. St Andrews (Presbyterian) and the Jewish Community in Gibraltar will help you with the paperwork requirements once  you make contact but bear in mind that you must also follow the cvil wedding procedures outlined above.

If Gibraltar is not for you, check out our guides on France, Italy and Spain.

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