Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! We hope you are enjoying some quality time with your nearest and dearest. It’s a holiday that I really wish we celebrated in Ireland, maybe some day!

Today we are veering away from our usual European destinations and featuring an engagement session in Phuket, an area we don’t ever explore here. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to Thailand twice but I must admit, the side of Phuket that I experienced is vastly different from the beauty of todays session on the island. For us, it was a bit more along the lines of using buckets for everything but building sand castles, getting ready for beach parties at 2am and generally wandering around the island in the most ridiculous of face paint. Maybe I’ll post a picture to our facebook later… So, to see it in the light that it is portrayed today was so fascinating for me and I really wanted to share it with you all. A beautiful collection of images captured by Govinda Rumi of Terralogical, we are sure you are going to enjoy these.

phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0001 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0002 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0003 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0004 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0005 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0006 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0007 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0008 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0009 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0010 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0011 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0012 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0013 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0014 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0015 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0016 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0017 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0018 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0019 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0020 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0021 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0022 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0023 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0024 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0025 phuket-wedding-by-www-govindarumi-com_0026From the bride, Tiara

“Mike and I first met when he came to visit my mother after she gave birth to me in the hospital with his parents. At that time he was only 5yrs old. In between we have kept in touch but there were never sparks between us but somehow, we both travelled around the world and ended up redirecting ourselves to find each other again. 

Mike actually proposed to my parents. It was not like any romantic scene in the movie but he knows that I value my family a lot so what they say means a lot to me & of course I want to spend my next chapter with him.  

We chose Phuket for our engagement session as it is where everything all started again for us. We both love diving so we went on a diving trip together to Burma and the boat left from Phuket. At that time, we were just diving buddies but this trip broke the ice between us which has helped us to learn more about each other.”

Tiara and Mike got married in Phuket earlier this month. No doubt it was a stunning affair and we are definitely going to be keeping an eye out for those photos! 



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