After a very relaxing week in Greece at the start of the summer, I have officially fallen in love with the country as a whole. The people, the food.. it really is a special place. Although I haven’t yet made it to the relatively hidden gem that is Naxos, it’s just jumped to the top of the list. Today’s session by Marq Riley of Erin and James has completely ignited my wanderlust once again and I’m bags packed, ready to go. Honeymoon in NaxosNaxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0001 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0002 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0003 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0004 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0005 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0006 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0007 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0008 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0009 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0010 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0011 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0012 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0013 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0014 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0015 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0016 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0017 Naxos Engagement by www.marqriley.com_0018


From the Bride, Erin

“James and I initially met during our undergrad years in university. James went on to study medicine and I went to a different university for my Masters degree. A few years later, we bumped into each other in a hallway while on student placements in the same hospital, and started dating a few months after that.

This past autumn, James brought me back to that spot in the hospital where we reconnected, and he popped the question there! It was a total surprise and such a magical moment! It was all caught on camera, and he had arranged a party to celebrate with our families and friends right after.

We’re getting married in Toronto in November. The ceremony will take place at the church I grew up in, and the reception will be at a golf club. Since it’s late autumn, we’re planning to embrace the romance of the season – lots of candles, branches, a fireplace, and cranberry cider.

We’ve always dreamed about going to Greece, and found out about Naxos when we read about the Greek islands. We loved that Naxos was very agricultural, and had so many beaches and so much natural beauty. Being an animal lover, I also loved that there were opportunities to horseback ride along the coast. Naxos seemed to have a more laid back and relaxing vibe than the other islands and we really liked that.

We loved the non-stop beautiful scenery. A tour of the island revealed the gorgeous seaside, historical sites, the beautiful abandoned ruins of a Jesuit monastery, cliffs, and lush interior of the island it’s farms, villages a citron distillery, and romantic, dramatic sunsets! There are beautiful landscapes everywhere you look.

The Portara is a “Must See”! It’s the entrance to an ancient unfinished temple to Apollo situated on a hill on a rocky causeway surrounded by the sparkling sea! We hear it’s breathtaking at sunset, but we were mesmerized at mid-day too!

Naxos has tonnes of farms, so there are so many local foods to try. The island is famous for cheeses, and we tried them as appetizers and with salads (Naxian style). Naxos also has lots of fresh fish dining too! There were tonnes of reasonably priced places to eat with beautiful views along the coastline. As much as we indulged in Greek food, we also went Picasso, an amazing Mexican restaurant right on the beach. The food was so good, we went back a second time. We also got in the habit of picking up dessert (a Greek coffee and baklava for me, and Nutella crepe for James) on our way home from the beach every night.

We stayed at Camara Hotel in Agios Prokopios. It was walking distance from a great beach and we loved our room – very pretty, good service, a cute balcony and a wonderful view.

Our favourite thing about the trip was the great beaches! Naxos has so many beautiful beaches. We would spend the day in the crystal clear water and lazing with our drinks on the sand. We rented a jeep one day, and found some beaches that was almost completely empty. The gorgeous coastlines are really a sight to behold.

In all, we spent four days in Naxos. We were able to see many of the island’s highlights in that time, and I think it would be enough time for someone to get to know the island. Since Naxos was our favourite island, we found it hard to leave. We really got to unwind there, and felt so relaxed after four days there.”


Photography: Marq Riley | Hair & Make up: Love Hair

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  1. Marq Riley

    Very happy that Naxos gets a Fly Away Bride spotlight for it’s natural beauty, I’ve been coming to the Island and growing up with her since I was 6 years old, yet it never gets old. I hope many more couples will get a chance to discover this place for themselves, be it as engaged, getting married, honeymooning or with the kids!


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