Everyone hopes for a disaster free wedding day but sometimes things just don’t go completely to plan, so it’s always best to be extra prepared! One job on our list for the coming weeks is to replenish our House of Hannah emergency wedding day kit after a busy summer and today, we thought we would share some of the contents with you so that you can create your own. In general, our kit contains items that most people have lying around the house, so there is no need to go out and spend a fortune putting your own wedding day survival kit together. Along with this, we have compiled a list of beauty essentials that as planners, we wouldn’t always carry (like lipgloss!) that you could also have in the bag for convenience. If you have a planner on board for your big day, the chances are he or she will already have their own emergency supply kit to hand. If not, it’s best to leave this bag with someone who will be close by for most of the day: a bridesmaid, best man or super organised family member. While we are not suggesting that they carry it around with them for the entire day, it’s a good idea to leave it somewhere where it can be quickly accessed if some emergency does occur, like your venue’s reception.

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Wedding Emergency Tips

Before we share our checklist, we thought it would be a good idea to share some tips with you on using some of the items in your wedding survival kit to combat potential wedding day disasters!

1 ✈ Disguising Stains with Chalk

Drink spills and staining on your beautiful wedding dress isn’t an ideal situation, we know, but if you are unfortunate enough to suffer such a disaster the morning of your wedding, try not to panic. Rubbing at the mark aggressively will only worsen the situation. Instead, take your white cloth or cotton swab and gently dab at the area to soak up any moisture. Try not to spread the stain further by working in, not away from the mark. While it’s unlikely you will get a perfect result, white chalk or baby powder will go a long way in disguising discolouration, especially in photographs.

2 ✈ Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail varnish has a few uses. Veil tears and runs in your tights can be prevented from spreading further using clear nail polish at both ends of the tear. It is also useful as an adhesive if you are out of super glue, perfect for any fallen sequins.

3 ✈ Baby Powder

Apart from helping disguise stains, baby powder is very useful in hot situations. If you know you’re going to be in the heat for a good proportion of the day, brushing baby powder on to areas of your body that might get a bit sweaty in a tight wedding dress will help keep you cool and prevent chaffing. Between thighs, breasts etc.

4 ✈ Sharing is Caring

Remember that more than one person might need to use some items like deodorant and breath fresheners. Spray deodorant can be passed among a bridal party better than a roll on and mint sweets are better for sharing than a breath spray. Keep others in mind and how your kit will be used when putting it together!

5 ✈ Clear Tote Bag

We have found that using a clear tote bag works best for finding items in a hurry! With stains in particular, time is of the essence so the less rooting through a bag, the better. It’s no harm to keep organised with beauty and make up items in a smaller purse, first aid in another.. just make sure they are all together in one bigger, easily identifiable bag!Wedding Emergency Checklist

Hopefully, you won’t have to use your emergency kit at all but if you do, you will be glad of it. All of the contents won’t go to waste as they can be used at home or on holidays after the wedding, so it will be money well spent!

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