When Santorini is the backdrop for your wedding, not much else is really needed for the most perfect and romantic of days. When Stephanie and Paul got engaged, the knew they wanted to sail the Greek islands for their honeymoon. That neither wanted a big wedding, they chose to elope to Santorini altogether and create truely personal and intimate celebration just for themselves. These images by Elias Kordelakos are truly breathtaking and will really inspire those thinking of beautiful Santorini for their own wedding day.

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From the bride

“I’m a Canadian, from Quebec City and I was visiting my best friend for her birthday weekend in Boston, USA. Paul and I randomly met at a restaurant in the Seaport of Boston as we were both there for a different reason. We both knew right away that we were soulmates. The proposal was very romantic. We went on a sailing trip in the Caribbean with friends for 10 days. One night, after spending the whole day doing activities together, as we were alone on our catamaran watching the sunset in the middle of the ocean near St-Bart’s, he asked me to marry him and had an amazing ring for me. The moment was perfect!

We always knew we wanted to go sail the greek islands for our honeymoon and we both didn’t want a big wedding so we decided to elope and just do the ceremony and our vows on the trip since Santorini is such romantic place.

We had an amazing wedding planner that made it so easy for us. Her name was Maria Sila, From Tie the knot Santorini and she was the best decision we made from the beginning. Having a planner made everything less stressful. 

We are so glad that we decided to follow our instinct of not having a big wedding and choosing Santorini instead. In 20 years, we know we will remember how we felt that day.

Getting to the wedding venue and dancing after the ceremony with the saxophonist playing live. All our amazing team of vendor for the event celebrating with us with the amazing view in the back.”

Photography; Elias Kordelakos Photography | Ceremony Venue; Dana Villas | Videographer; Mont Videography | Reception Venue; Andronis Boutique hotel |Wedding Planner; Tie The Knot Santorini | Florist; Betty Flower Santorini | Wedding Dress; Alfred Angelo Bridal | Hair Stylist; Marianna Nomikou | Make Up Artist; Renia Bledaki |  Preparation Venue; Avaton Resort and Spa

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