Laura and Michael met in Budapest and planned their wedding in the UK from there. They decided to marry in Laura’s native Cornwall, in a marquee at her family home, and their celebration is evidence of just how well this can work. Cornwall is such a beautiful part of the UK, and there are so many pretty details to this wedding that we love, captured by Julian Zacsfalvi. We have more from Laura below on the planning, and how the day turned out so well, despite all that went wrong!

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“We met in Budapest at an International School, Michael teaches Science and I teach Art- opposites attract but they also say teachers marry teachers. This in fact inspired our table names which were named after artists and scientists with the top table being Da Vinci (arguably a master of both). I was fortunate enough that Michael was happy to get married in my home country of England, since he’s Irish. I was born in Cornwall where my parents live and luckily they have the perfect lawn for a marquee- it used to be a tennis court so was just the right size.


Planning a wedding in England when you live in Budapest was tricky at times but my parents were so supportive and helpful- we couldn’t have done it without them. When Michael and I got back for the school holiday we found out that the church we booked had scaffolding outside and in and wouldn’t be finished for our wedding day- so for two weeks we sought another church in the local area where Michael and I were qualified to get married. Luckily we found a beautiful country church called St Enoder in Summercourt just 15 minutes from our family home. The graveyard was wild with summer grass and flowers- it was perfect and like something out of a Thomas Hardy novel- a happy complication. Before the wedding we had the added stress of my hairdresser disappearing to another county which again worked out for the better as the lady who did my hair in St Stephen did it exactly how I wanted it. We then got a phone call from the florists who said we couldn’t collect the flowers the day we had planned as they were stuck in Calais! It felt like one thing after another so when I fainted one night four days before the big day and ended up with a black eye it started to become funny. We couldn’t see what else might go wrong so started to just go with the flow. I quickly bought some industrial cover up and some purple toned eyeshadow so I could match the other eye!

We didn’t use a planner as I had been looking forward to doing aspects with my mum and friends in order to give it a more DIY experience. For example the invitations were designed and made by myself with the help of my dad. The Irish fudge favours were made by my mum, the flower girl headdresses were made by me, my mum and very talented sister in law. We did all the flowers ourselves and decorated each table with vintage glassware collected in Budapest and Cornwall.


We wanted to have an English country garden style with a nod towards the Irish. We took the ‘Emerald’ colour from the Irish side using it for the bunting and creating a tree installation above the dance floor giving a woodland feel. The flowers were a mix of colours but definitely with a limited palette in mind of subdued pinks, purples and blues. The bridesmaid dresses added to the floral country theme. We used special touches such as designed signs ‘Pimms Oclock’ for the drinks on the lawn and created a family tree using photos of Michael’s family and mine.


Michael and I spent a lot of time thinking about where we sat people and it worked- so many people from different parts of our life got on so well and are still in touch now! The ultimate best decision happened when out one day shopping with my mum. We came across two buskers playing traditional Irish music in the street. I asked them if they would come and do a set when the band took their break with the added bribe of a beer and a pasty. Happily they said yes and boy were they a hit! They got all of Michael’s family leading the way for traditional dancing that got everyone involved. It was such a happy moment to see two families truly coming together and having the ‘craic’ as the Irish would say. Michael’s dad even did a traditional broom dance often performed at weddings. Also the catering choice we made was great as it was a hamper and got everyone interacting!


If you get married in the countryside don’t look at the bottom of your dress until the next day- it will get dirty and you can’t worry about it! Other than that I’d have the same advice I read over and over again from other brides: try to make the most of every minute, don’t worry if things don’t go to plan- no one knows that apart from you! And most importantly smile- some of guests came a long way and they came to share in our happiness so try to remember you owe it to them to have the best day of your life.”

Photography: Gyula (Julian) Zacsfalvi | Catering: Philleigh Way |  Church: St Enoder, Summercourt | Bride’s Dress: The Wedding Company | Hair: Cutting Edge, St Stephen in Brannel, Cornwall | Headpiece: The Land of White Ginger| Suits: Simpsons of Truro | Reception Venue: Bride’s Family Home | Marquee: Coast 2 Coast Marquees | Bands: Rhythm Roulette & ‘Craic Horse’ Cornish buskers from Truro | Videographer: Cupcake Videos | Flowers: Greenwood & Graven, Brakes House, St Austell 07525849551 | Decorations, Favours & Stationery: Bride | Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Mokkafiveoclock | Flowergirl Dresses: Florence and Fred; Head Dresses: Greenwood & Graven, Brakes House, St Austell 07525849551

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