Courtney and Ryan eloped from the US to Italy for this beautifully romantic wedding celebration in the incredible city of Rome. Ryan had proposed on the top of Monte Mario on a visit to the city a year previously, and the couple decided this was where they wanted to return to as it was the place they felt most connected in their love. Country and Ryan were married at Santa Maria in Tempulo, a deconsecrated mediaeval church in the city centre, and their day was captured by the amazingly talented team Gianluca & Mary Adovasio.

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“We met and began dating in high school in a city just north of Boston in the USA. We had been dating for nine years when we decided to take a trip to Italy to visit my relatives who live in Rome. After visiting the sites of Rome, Ryan proposed on the top of Monte Mario overlooking the entire city. A year after we were engaged, we returned to Rome just us two and eloped. We were married at Santa Maria in Tempulo, a deconsecrated mediaeval church in Rome city center. We decided to return to Rome as it is the eternal city and the place we felt most connected in our love. We decided this location because of all of the marriages and love it has witnessed over the years and simplicity in its beauty.


Not speaking the language and navigating the complicated marriage paperwork both in the United States and in Italy were challenging. Our coordinator assisted with this as well as our family in Italy. We used wedding planner Sandra Santoro of Getting Married in Italy to assist with our paperwork, appointments and translation. Our style for the day was simple and natural. We just needed each other for our day.

The best decision we made was to walk throughout many of Rome’s major sites for our photography. We were congratulated and praised by so many people and in so many languages along the way, it felt amazing to be blessed with so much love. And our photographers were amazing! Gianluca and Mary were incredible in capturing us.”

Photography: Gianluca & Mary Adovasio | Wedding Planner: Sandra Santoro | Ceremony: Santa Maria in Tempulo (Caracalla) | Reception: Tre Scalini Cafe

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