I’ve been inspired lately by a recent trend of wedding we’ve seen. Think of the traditional celebration, now remove the frills but keep the elegance. This is a style that is perfect for destination weddings, as it makes the most of surroundings while requiring minimal decor- think French countryside chateau. Portraits are taken under the dappled shadows of large manor windows, with ancient library shelves as a backdrop. Colours are kept to those of the setting with more greenery than flowers, and a perfect bouquet for this wedding would be a single calla lily. A note of gravitas is brought into decor with heavy metals such as brass and iron replacing flashier silver or gold. Mountains of silk tulle draping in the bride’s stately gown evoke a beautiful waterfall of mist, and a bridal fragrance is chosen carefully as part of the fabric of the wedding itself. Hairstyles are windswept but courtly and jewelry is statement. This style of wedding is a mix of solemn and ethereal, and it’s one we’d love to see more of!


Elegant & Ethereal

Table Decor: White Cat Studio via Fly Away Bride | Goblet: Brosnan Photographic via Fly Away Bride | Books: Taylor Maguire | Tatiana Gown via Samuelle Couture via Fly Away Bride | Prada Shoes: Q Weddings via Fab You Bliss | Iceland Image: Levi Tijerina via Fly Away Bride

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