A designer I’ve been crushing on for a while recently released two new collections and I’m sure you are going to be as impressed as I am. Elbeth Gillis and her talented Cape Town team have sheer bodices and the low back down to a fine art and while the designs are very feminine and sexy, they still retain a very elegant and refined aesthetic. My favourite is the luxury collection where the line from the nape to waist is celebrated in a variety of silhouettes and the back detailing is emphasised throughout. But the triumph for me is the very delicate and sensual sheerness of the bodice with beautiful appliqué and lace touches. I could just admire that beautiful detailing all day long.

elbeth-gillis_0001 elbeth-gillis_0002 elbeth-gillis_0003 elbeth-gillis_0004 elbeth-gillis_0005 elbeth-gillis_0006 elbeth-gillis_0007 elbeth-gillis_0008 elbeth-gillis_0009 elbeth-gillis_0010 elbeth-gillis_0011  


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