Destination Wedding Location in Spain

Today we have a treat in store as this is one of the loveliest cities I’ve ever been to. I stumbled across San Sebastian almost by accident, we had gotten tickets to a concert there (Bruce Springsteen, amazing) so we decided to plan a holiday around the concert. As it turned out we were completely bowled over by the city- it seemed like we had discovered Spain’s best kept secret. If you’re searching for a destination wedding location in Spain, I would definitely recommend having a look at San Sebastian. Located in the Basque country of Spain’s north coast (San Sebastian is also known as Donostia) the city is almost on the Spain/France border, and the coast keeps the temperature mild year round here with averages of 21°C/69°F in summer and °9C/47°F in winter.

Getting Married Abroad in Spain

San Sebastian is really more like a town than a city with pretty much everywhere accessible on foot and an upbeat, festive vibe. There was a lovely Art Nouveau touch to the buildings and the place seemed really clean and well-maintained overall. The Old Town is a must-see with narrow cobbled lanes, street stalls, and is rumored to have more bars for its size than any other city quarter in the world. The shopping area has numerous small boutiques and designer shops- really there is something for everyone here.

Wedding Destinations Spain San Sebastian


San Sebastian is a very cultural city, with a rather amazing array of events happening year-round: drum parades in January, ‘Carnaval’ in February, a food fiesta in April, a beer festival in June, their Jazz festival in July and host to an International Film festival in September, and this is only a few- here is a full list of the San Sebastian’s yearly events. The city is full of little “pensions” (I first came across this word in the The World According to Garp and was very confused. Pensions are little guest houses, usually family-run and kind of like B&Bs except they’ll do lunch and dinner as well and are generally less expensive than a hotel) where wedding party guests could stay- a great way to experience the Old Town. Great nightlife abounds also as San Sebastian is a university town. Bataplán, one of the most popular nightclubs, doesn’t open till 2am!
Destination Wedding Location in Spain

The main beach, La Concha, is said to be one of the best city beaches in the world, while nearby Zurroloia Beach offers great opportunity for water sports.

Destination Wedding Location in Spain


San Sebastian food quality is undisputed and the city is a centre of culinary excellence for Spain; the restaurants here boast 13 Michelin stars between them. Delicious pintxos (pronounced “peen-chose”- the Basque equivalent to tapas) and fresh fish are specialities. La Rioja region is nearby so some excellent wines are available.

Destination Wedding Location in SpainSan Sebastian Wedding Reception Venues

Wedding receptions are catered by the beautiful Mirador de Ulía (above) which is located on the western slope of Mount Ulía overlooking the city. The Mirador has lovely gardens and a terrace with beautiful views where they host weddings- it is also one of the top restaurants in the city, achieving a Michelin star in 2011.


Destination Wedding Location in Spain

The impressive San Maria del Coro Basilica (pictured) was built in the 16th century and makes a beautiful wedding ceremony venue.

San Sebastian Wedding Church

Other churches that are open daily include San Ignacio Church, Buen Pastor Cathedral (both pictured below) and Santa Teresa Convent.

Wedding Ceremony Venues San Sebastian

Hotel Maria Cristina

Destination Wedding Location in Spain

Completely refurbished recently for the 100th anniversary of its opening, the Maria Cristina is right in the centre of San Sebastian. Decorated in an Art Nouveau style, the hotel has a romantic and decadent feel. There are 107 guest rooms and 29 suites with an indoor pool, sauna and fitness room available. The wedding reception menu is fabulous- on the expensive side at €110 per head and ranging upwards with a lobster course available towards the upper end- but apparently worth it. The Maria Cristina can cater for a wedding party of up to 300.

Destination Wedding Location in Spain Wedding Reception Venue San Sebastian Destination Wedding Location in Spain

Hotel Monte Igueldo

We stayed at Monte Igueldo when we visited. The hotel is perched on the top of the mountain overlooking the city so you have an absolutely fabulous view of the town and the beach. I would recommend the hotel for a look- it is definitely worth going up there, however when we were there (about 4 years ago, unbelievably enough!) the decor was a bit dated- it sort of reminded me of an old Bond movie, if that gives you an idea. I think I might be able to put up with this for the view though..

Destination Wedding Location in Spain San SebastianDestination Wedding Location in Spain

There is a cable car that can take you up the mountain to the hotel, otherwise you’d probably need a taxi. We walked up once, on saying this we’re not really the active types. It’s a pretty large hotel with 125 rooms and they can accommodate 400 for a reception meal, with prices starting at €80 a head. They have a rooftop pool (which as I recall we didn’t use, I think it was March and a bit too cold) and right beside the hotel is a small amusement park, which would provide entertainment for kids in a wedding party.

Hotel de Londres

Constructed in 1865 the Hotel de Londres is decorated in a classical style with bright modern touches. The hotel has 148 rooms and 4 guest lounges and is situated right in the centre of the town, pretty much on the beach. Wedding receptions take place in the ballroom overlooking the main La Concha beach and the hotel can accommodate 220 for a reception with prices starting at about €87 per person for the banquet. Rooms on the ocean side also have a beautiful sea view.

Destination Wedding Location in Spain San SebastianDestination Wedding Location in Spain

Getting there

There are no direct flights at the moment from Dublin- we flew to Santander which was a two hour flight and then rented a car, from there it was about a two hour drive to San Sebastian. Flight transfers are available from other Spanish airports, from Barcelona and Madrid the flight is about an hour.

Destination Wedding Location in Spain

Real Weddings

For a peek at some real destinations weddings in San Sebastian, take a look at this gorgeous one from Aaron Delesie and this one from John Schnack. We’d love to hear any reader experiences from the city, we’ll keep this post updated as we go along!

Destination Wedding Location in Spain

Image credits; Miguel H. Carriço | Trees, San Maria del Coro Basilica Photos and one Hotel Maria Cristina image by Aaron Delesie via Snippet and Ink | Ginette Pico via Pinterest | Daniel Schwabe | Martin Berasategui Restaurant | Mirador de UlíaLuxury Collection Hotels and ResortsWikipedia | PanoramioHotel Maria CristinaHotel Monte IgueldoHotel de LondrèsAussieDingo on Flickr

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    • flyawaybride

      Oh but I feel like I missed out too- I hadn’t researched the place before we went there so I wasn’t aware of all the fabulous restaurants.. We didn’t even try the lovely pinxtos because we weren’t sure how the system worked! Another excuse to go back though I say ;)

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    These pictures make me want to have my wedding in spain now. I had never thought about having my wedding that far from home but wow I think that would be an amazing place to get married.

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    Hello – These are beautiful photos, love the entry too! My fiance and I are planning to get married in San Sebastian next year! Any suggestions or advice in a destination wedding? I greatly appreciate your feedback, thank you!

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        Hi Amy,
        Im thinking about having my wedding in san sebastian too and have no idea where to start. Could you send me on some information if you could please? I d really appreciate it!

      • Amy

        Hi Eileen, congrats on your upcoming marriage! What a great idea- San Sebastian is such a beautiful city. I dropped you an email! x

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        I am also getting married in San sebastian. The idea is to marry in the mountins (festival style- 150 guests). We are going to visit end of May so any suggestions would be great


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    What beautiful photos and reminiscent of my trip there in August where my boyfriend proposed to me! We’re thinking of getting married in San Sebastian next year and would love to hear from anyone who can help / offer suggestions.
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    I am beginning to plan my wedding in San Sebastian. Can you recommend any local wedding planners with experience working with clients abroad?

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    Lovely photos!

    Really happy to find this discussion thread about weddings in San Sebastian as my fiance and I are hoping to get married there in June 2015 and have a few questions!

    We went to San Sebastian a few years ago and really loved it, so when we thought about where we’d like to get married, it seemed like the perfect place. We’re going again in the last few weeks in June to look at venues: Villa Soro, Hotel Monte Igueldo, Hotel Londres. Would love you hear your thoughts about / experiences of these places!

    We’re also not sure whether to do church wedding or humanist ceremony. Are any of you doing the latter and if so, could you recommend a humanist celebrant? We understand it’s not possible to have a civil ceremony there…



  6. K&J

    My fiancee and I are from Boston but have been to San Sebastian a number of times and are considering it as a possible venue for our wedding next summer. Could you recommend a few online resources to search out locations for a non-religious ceremony that would hold roughly 50-75 people? Thank you very much in advance! The food in the city is amazing, and my only concern with the reception is trying to narrow it down, ultimately, to just one spot.

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  18. Mandragora Photographers

    Thank You Amy for this excellent review. Landscape, culture, gastronomy and good nightlife. San Sebastian is an excellent place to get married. Also, guests who come here have the opportunity to know the Guggenheim Bilbao, the wineries in the Rioja wine, chapel Gaztelugatxe, etc.

    Thanks a lot for talk about our city!

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    Could you send me some info as well Amy please. I’m trying to find more information on venues. Thank you

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    Hi Amy
    I an getting married this year but we have not yet found the perfect venue.
    We are off on holiday to San Sebastián in May and are now thinking that we might take the opportunity to get married while we are there! Any information/ideas you can send me about weddings in San Sebastian in May would be great!

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      Hi Claire,
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      There are 2 weddings in San Sebastian designed by me that have been featured in this site. Please feel free to send me an email with any question you have.



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    Hi Amy, my fiance and I are currently researching places to get married and I came across this page. The photos you posted are stunning. We are looking to have a wedding with 50-70 guests and are looking for somewhere that would be 80 or under per head for the meal but that still has a beautiful view, would you be able to recommend some.places. Thanks so much x

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