All weddings are special in so many different ways but Meggie and Thibaud’s wedding in Joucas was particularly meaningful as not only were they wed in Thibaud’s home village, but Thibaud’s mother was also their legal officiant. Joucas is a small hilltop village between the stunningly beautiful towns of Gordes and Roussillon in Provence and if browsing through todays real wedding is anything to go by, it has to be one of the most quaint and picturesque French villages for a destination wedding we’ve ever seen. I just love how Meggie was able to walk arm in arm through the ancient cobbled streets to meet all of their family and friends waiting for her arrival at the chapel door.
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Photography; Raina Stinson PhotographyHair Stylist: Carol Ray Bonnet | Makeup Artist: Paline with Douc’heure | Venue; Domain Tourbillon | Florist;  L’Othantique | Caterer;  Pistou et Romarin | Cake; The Macaroons Oliver Albrand

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