We’re delighted today to be sharing the beautiful destination wedding of Cristina and Marcos in Lugo, a town in the Galicia area of Spain’s most north-westerly corner. The couple met at work in London six years ago and got engaged in Paris, the first city they visited together. Check out this couple’s story including their reason for choosing this destination, their favourite moments and planning advice below, but first these brilliant images by Paul Santos.

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“Upon meeting Cristina six years ago, I always knew if we got married, it would be in Spain. Given my Spanish heritage and the family and memories Cristina has over there, when I popped the question in 2013 in our hotel room in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower, I knew where our wedding destination would be. We chose the grand and gothic setting of Lugo Cathedral and it was a great choice. The sun was shining for our lunchtime ceremony and there was a fantastic mix of family, friends, flowers and a live trio of musicians in the church. After a fun ceremony (that was short to keep everyone’s attention) we quickly headed off to the main square for a group shot of everyone before heading to the reception venue, La Finca Fortalezza, an old traditional Spanish type dwelling.


The effort my wife and the bridesmaids put into the decoration was phenomenal, as was the attention to detail. From glass baubles hanging outside, to photos in every nook and cranny inside, the setting was stunning. After some lovely canapés and champagne in the sunshine outside, we headed in. With 85 guests awaiting our arrival, we entered to a three song photo montage on a big screen of special moments from our life and photos of all of our families and friends. We had a spectacular five-course meal including lobster, seabass, scallops, steak, wine, coffee and deserts, followed by spectacular speeches from my two best men with a joint Spanish and English parts to cater for all guests which was truly touching. I then got a chance to thank everyone and speak of how wonderful my wife is!

We had a live Spanish band before a DJ who did a grand job of playing our first dance- Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol (even though I was cynical beforehand). We then danced the night away as family and friends and as day gave way to night moved outside where our guests formed two lines and with sparklers in hand, we walked through the middle to cheers and well wishes. We then had a private and spectacular fireworks display in the gardens before dancing and celebrating until the early hours with those who meant the most to us.


Getting married abroad is not easy logistically as well as being time consuming and can be a little stressful. Organising parking for guests on the day of the wedding made it a dash to the wedding for the bridesmaids as well. The post ceremony location was our best decision. Ultimately, this is where you will eat and create the most special memories with your guests. For a foreign wedding where it’s likely to be hot, considering the outside space was as important as the inside. There were so many memorable moments… My wife’s goddaughter had a music and photo montage on a projector to background music when we entered the room for the evening do, walking out to all our guests lined up in two rows as night fell and they had sparklers, followed by fireworks. Our band was also great, with a mix of Spanish and English live music. Also the day before the wedding, in the very traditional and sleepy Spanish town, seeing so many of our English guests gathered in the main square, eating, drinking and mingling was truly memorable. If we had advice it would be to ensure you liaise with whoever is marrying you, we didn’t get a chance to do a wedding rehearsal beforehand. Thankfully it went ok though!”

Photography: Paul Santos | Ceremony: Lugo Cathedral | Reception, Catering, Cake: La Finca Fortaleza | Dress: Rosa Clara | Jewellery: David’s Jewellers | Groomswear: Moss Bros | Shoes: Barker Shoes

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