Monica and Nico met as children living in the same town. After a separation of ten years their paths crossed again and they started to date. It was evident very quickly that they were perfect for each other and they decided to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple married in Abruzzo, on the east coast of Italy, considered the “greenest region in Europe” as one third of its territory is comprised of protected nature reserves. Adriano Mazzocchetti was there to capture their beautiful celebration.

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Nico’s romantic wedding proposal began with a dinner made by the groom himself (who is a chef) and ended with a “grand finale” of dessert with an engagement ring. After a short engagement and the birth of their little boy, they began to arrange their wedding. The couple decided they wanted a small romantic country celebration, centered around family. The wedding invitations were inspired by their son and their friends (craft beer lovers and brewmasters). The lively wedding celebrations took place surrounded by the green countryside, matching the rustic vintage details with fresh white flowers and a wedding tableau made of real beer bottles. At sunset, the party moved to the poolside, where a wedding cake with turquoise details was waiting for the party in the warm Italian evening light.

Photography: Adriano Mazzocchetti | Ceremony Venue: Santa Maria Degli Angeli Church (San Nicolò a Tordino, Italy) | Reception Venue: Le Blanc, Cavallino Rosso | Bride’s Dress, Shoes & Jewelery: Lina Pedicone | Groom’s Suit: Lina Pedicone | Florals: Top Flora | Cake & Reception Styling: Cavallino Rosso | Hair: Liliana Sottanelli | Makeup: KB Katiuscia Biancacci | Music: Angelo Carestia | Wedding Stationery: Auca Design

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