A lot of people are on the fence about wedding favors. It’s all very well if you can afford it but for those on a budget, understandably they’re often the first thing to be cut. At the same time though, they can be a great way to bring in a bit of your personality to the day, and they can be a fun part of the planning. Plus, if you’re having a destination wedding, you want to help out your guests in every way you can and a practical wedding favor can be your chance to do just that. Lindsay’s post on Destination Wedding Guests has some really helpful advice on what to put in your guests’ Welcome Packs, and I think it’s a great idea to combine your destination wedding favors with your welcome packs- that is, have practical wedding favors! So we’ll start off with our favourites, the practical options.

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 ✈ Practical Wedding Favors

So, keep in mind your guests are traveling to another country. What are the differences in climate? What are the little things that may have slipped their minds? A few on-the-day favor options that might help them out are flip flops, parasols, fans, sun hats, visors, umbrellas or shawls. Items that can be personalised (but don’t have to be!) such as lip balms, handkerchiefs or matchboxes could come in handy either. Favors which could be included in the welcome pack are: citronella candles to keep bugs away, local recipe cards, wine stoppers, bottle openers, bookmarks, postcards, luggage tags, tote bags, wedding date magnets. These could be or given out on the wedding day either of course if you want to make sure people know they are wedding favors! Don’t go with anything larger than a coffee mug if you can help it, or they may get left behind. Er, by accident of course…

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✈ Local Produce

Basically there are three types of local favors that can be given- edible goods, souvenirs or music. It’s great to keep money in the local economy and guests will want to be reminded of the place you all travelled to. Local foodstuff specialities such as jam, honey, chocolates, wine, olive oil or any eatables that the area does well will always be appreciated. Think non-perishables of course! Other items such as local soaps or souvenirs like little replicas of a landmark in the area. Above all, think practical rather than actual-such as local flower or herb seed packets rather than actual plants like tree saplings or anything in pots. The third option of local music could be a CD or downloadable album by a local band, a really nice touch would be if they’re your wedding band too. If you’re having your own music playing from an iPod, I love the idea of having the wedding playlist made into a CD for guests- what a great way to remember the day!

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✈ Wedding Favor Table

No matter how much time you spend selecting and possibly hand making your wedding favors, there is a chance that more than a few will be left behind. This isn’t because your guests don’t care, but they will forget them by accident (and let me just say, I have been guilty of this!). I’ve even come across people who didn’t know they were allowed to take them home. One way to mitigate this is, instead of placing them at the guests’ place setting,  to have a favor table in a prominent place which guests can access if they choose, along with a sign directing people to take them home.

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✈ Charitable Wedding Favors

Finally, another option for your destination wedding favors is to donate to a local charity. After all, it’s good to give something back to the place you chose for your special day. Guests will appreciate your social responsibility- also, it’s one less thing for them to pack for the way back!

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We’d love to hear your ideas for destination wedding favors. We’ll be back this afternoon with some ‘midnight skin’ colour inspiration so be sure to check back in!

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  1. Valerie (Pieceful Wedding)

    These are great ideas! I really like the local produce one. For my destination wedding in the Canadian Rockies, we gave each of our guests bear bells for when they go hiking after the wedding! :)

  2. Amy

    What an interesting (and practical!!) wedding favor Valerie! Really great idea.


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