I love an engagement shoot and even more so, an engagement in Paris.  I think it’s so nice for a couple to visit a city or destination that they love and is special to them and have their time there documented. All too often on a romantic break you return with one picture of you, one picture of me, maybe a few of the two of you that the waiter took on request but rarely do couples come home with a really beautiful picture of two. By planning a destination engagement shoot while on a romantic break or a wedding planning trip you’re sure to have beautiful pictures of the two of you as a couple to treasure for years to come and remind you of your time in that special destination. Randy and Diana obviously had the same thoughts when they took advantage of their friends wedding celebrations in Paris in October 2011…

Randy and Diana had just gotten engaged when friends of theirs announced that they would be married in Paris Fall of 2011. Excited for the international affair, they decide to take advantage of gorgeous French backdrop, and make their engagement portraits in the City of Lights…

They chose international wedding photographer Jacquelyn Poussot to make their photos in the gorgeous Musee de L’orangerie – home of one of the most exquisite collections of Claude Monet’s Water Lilie paintings. The oval shape gallery lends itself to the most dynamic backdrop… even for Paris.

Randy and  Diana live in San Jose, CA and are planning their wedding for late summer 2012.

Congratulation on your engagement, we can’t wait to see your wedding!

Pamela & Lindsay x

Photographer: Jacquelyn Poussot Photography | Museum: Musee de L’Orangerie

Submitted Via Two Bright Lights

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