Hi everyone! I’m delighted to be guest blogging here on the lovely Fly Away Bride.

I’ve been thinking about all of the important elements of planning your beauty theme for a destination wedding, or any wedding for that matter, and it all comes down to one little phrase Decide The Vibe!

Of course there is a sequence that you will adhere to when it comes to facials, tanning (if you choose to), nail and hair maintenance, but these are all by the by if you don’t know what you would like the end result to look like.
So I always suggest to my brides to ‘get inspired’… flick through magazines and bridal blogs like this one. Watch old movies. Research famous classic and timeless brides. Create a scrapbook with pictures that grab you. Or do none of these if it’s not your thing and you know you want to look just like you on a regular day, albeit in a white dress. But find out what look make you feel excited, which one makes you a little bit giddy with the concept of looking like that on the day.

Photographs: shopbando.com

Perhaps you will be a sultry and sensual bride? Perhaps pretty and innocent suits you best?

Photographs: shopbando.com

Is a whimsical vintage style more up your street?

Ask your bridesmaids and Mum for advice on what they think suits you best. You don’t have to listen, but it’s good to know! What do they think of the makeup you normally wear? What do you think of the makeup you normally wear for that matter?!

The end result of tapping in to your sartorial style and general vibe will help you so much in your overall wedding styling too, so that is why I always send my brides off on this road of style discovery before they get to meet me, that way we have a solid starting point to begin designing the makeup look. It may not sound like the makeup matters alongside the table decor, but I maintain that it does. The best looking weddings are always the ones with the best attention to detail and a thread running through all of the design elements.

So once you’ve thought these through and are bursting with inspiration and ideas, that is the time to book your hair and makeup trials and start seeing the look take shape.

Bye for now!

Next time I’ll be blogging about how to have a good makeup trial and classic beauty products every bride needs as well as the all important touch-up kit for the day itself…

Ellie Balfe
Makeup Artist and Beauty Writer

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  1. Konfral

    …and if you want to make the most out of your hair and makeup trial, combine it with your e-session, or pre wedding shoot on the same day. That way, not only will you see yourself in the mirror on the day of the trial, but you’ll also have photos from all angles to look at and judge / tweak the makeup a bit later.
    Added benefit: you’ll look fabulous on your e-session photos :-)
    Bonus tip: good photographers usually know good hair and makeup artists, and vice versa :-)


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