We have been saying it for a while. Croatia and Montenegro are going to take over from Italy and France in in terms of popularity for destination weddings over this next decade. Every year, we see a slight increase in terms of demand and this year, we have received more enquiries than ever from couples wanting to find out more information on how they can have the Croatian Wedding of their dreams. It’s great to be able to point them in the direction of amazing suppliers such as wedding photographerRobert Pljuscec who is responsible for todays stunning wedding in Ciovo. Our couple, Therese and Espen travelled from Norway to their favourite holiday destination and with their close family and friends by their side, they celebrated in the best way possible. With so many beautiful details to boot, Therese’s dress is one of my favourites this year ad we will be sharing more on the designer later this week! 

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Photographer; Robert Pljuscec | Wedding Planners; Brudepiken in Norway and Untamed Adriatic in Croatia | Venue; Laganini Beach Club Flowers; Flower and Sweet Fairy Dress; Cecilie Melli 

From the photographer, Robert Pljuscec

“Croatia is fast becoming a top destination for getting married. In the last 4 years alone the number of couples from abroad choosing the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic’ as their backdrop has doubled, according to the numbers published by the local registry offices. I have had the opportunity to take photos all along the coast and this I would have to say was one of my favourite locations.

Hailing from Norway, Therese and Espen chose to get married in Croatia after having spent the last few summers there vacationing at their family beach house. Their wedding, collaboratively organised by wedding planners Brudepiken of Norway and Untamed Adriatic of Croatia, was a great opportunity to share Croatia with their family and friends.

The bride wore a beautiful gown by Norwegian designer Cecilie Melli. They exchanged vows by the sea at  Laganini Beach Club, surrounded in an intimate circle of guests. The ceremony was followed by a relaxed dinner of local foods with a surprise guest performance by Geir Halleland, a renowned Norwegian singer who was flown in as a gift to the happy couple.  As is Norwegian custom, singing took place and heartfelt speeches by the bride, groom and their guests were given during the reception.

It’s not hard to notice that careful attention has been put into the decorative details of Laganini Beach Club. The open-air setting is relaxed yet sophisticated and provides a rustic sea charm. The venue was adorned with a garland of local greens and Mediterranean inspired flowers arranged by Flower and Sweet Fairy.

As a photographer I love Laganini. Within 200m it offers the sea and forest pines that provides a great diversity of photos. The light here is also perfect and the 6pm rays that bounce between the trees are a gift that keep on giving.”

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