Marine and Manus met eleven years ago through mutual friends. They live in the city of Marseille and decided to travel to the incredibly scenic island of Porquerolles at the very southern tip of France for their engagement session. The cliffs, olive groves and wild nature of the island surrounded by the turquoise sea is just breathtaking- the area is actually a protected national park. Their beautiful engagement ession was captured by Troistudios, and we’re delighted to share these gorgeous images.

Côte d’Azur Engagement Côte d’Azur Engagement Scenic Côte d’Azur Engagement with Trois Studios Cote d'Azur Photo Session16 Scenic Côte d’Azur Engagement with Trois Studios Cote d'Azur Photo Session19 Scenic Côte d’Azur Engagement with Trois Studios Scenic Côte d’Azur Engagement with Trois Studios Cote d'Azur Photo Session11 Cote d'Azur Photo Session10 Cote d'Azur Photo Session9 Cote d'Azur Photo Session7 Cote d'Azur Photo Session4Cote d'Azur Photo Session5Cote d'Azur Photo Session6 Cote d'Azur Photo SessionCote d'Azur Photo Session13Cote d'Azur Photo Session17 Cote d'Azur Photo Session8Cote d'Azur Photo Session21 Cote d'Azur Photo Session22Cote d'Azur Photo Session3 Cote d'Azur Photo Session14 Cote d'Azur Photo Session24Cote d'Azur Photo Session23

From Marine:

“We loved our engagement session because it was our first ‘couple shoot’ and Hanni and Marcus helped us to feel at ease instantly. We felt more like we were passing a relaxed and enjoyable day with friends! Their professionalism and kindness made us really comfortable and the results are very natural and spontaneous. The images truly reflect the spirit of that day full of happiness, joy and calm, and they’ve become an indelible part of our pre-wedding memories.”

For more loveliness be sure to check out the Troistudios website and Facebook page, and we hope to feature more of their work back here really soon.

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  1. Hanni

    Thank you for this beautiful feature with all the Côte d’Azur vibe. We can’t wait to visit Porquerolles again!


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