Dara and Danny are from Seattle in the US and flew for their destination wedding last year to the town of Oia on the island of Santorini. Both Danny’s parents and grandparents married in Greece which prompted the couple to return here for their own celebration. They were so glad they did, tying the knot at a relaxed and colourful ceremony perfectly suited to their personalities before tucking into a nine course reception meal. Erin from Lindeman Weddings & Events organised the couple’s celebration and talks more below on the big day and its planning.

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“Dara and Danny decided to plan their wedding in Greece because Danny’s parents as well as his grandparents were also married there. The couple wanted an incredible day with an amazing view, and also somewhere that their closest friends and family couple gather for an intimate ceremony and reception. They narrowed their search to the picturesque town of Oia in Santorini.


Dara’s Chanel dress was inspired by a photo on the cover of Bazaar magazine. We tracked down the colorful sundress and she decided she wanted to wear it as her wedding gown on the day.  It was a perfect choice for her personality, and we matched the simple flowers and décor to be equally as colorful. All of it looked stunning against the Santorini blue and white of the buildings and spectacular ocean view. The bride hand-painted all of their stationery, which was then sent to Paper Fling for further customization of the design and printing.

On the wedding day the ceremony procession started at the private villa of Grand Canava, where the bride and groom as well as their bridal party stayed.  Traditional Greek musicians met us there and led the bridal party  half a mile through the streets of Oia to the ceremony terrace at Mystique where guests were seated and awaiting their entrance. The reception afterwards started with a nine course meal, after which Danny surprised Dara with a private fireworks show. Then there was dancing under the stars. It was perfect!”

Photographer: Antonis Eleftherakis | Wedding Planner: Lindeman Weddings & Events | Ceremony & Reception Venue: Mystique Resort | Accommodation Venue: Grand Canava | Stationery: Paper Fling | Bride’s Dress: Chanel | Florist: Mystique Resort | Live Musicians: Jannis Chassiotis (aj-nc@otenet.gr) | DJ & Fireworks: Pro Support | Rehearsal Dinner: Karma Restaurant | Hair & Make Up: Savva International

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