David and Erita were joined last September by closest friends and family who flew to Portugal for their beautiful clifftop ceremony. Early morning clouds cleared to reveal a typical clear blue Algarve sky, and the couple exchanged vows with the Mediterranean as their backdrop. Afterwards the party headed to Restaurante Panoramico for the wedding reception. Erita and David’s big day was captured by Ana Abrão and Fernando Quintino of Yes I Do Wedding Photography.

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“We met first on the opening night of a nightclub; I had created the branding and was running the opening night marketing, and Erita was there on a night out. I remember that she was so beautiful but she was out and I was working so we carried on going our different ways. Three months later by pure chance we met again, I had been out all evening with clients, so was tired and decided to leave my business partner to enjoy his night when he came and asked me to wingman him. I had keys in the jeep and was heading home but I thought- what’s another few minutes to be a good friend. As soon as I walked into the nightclub I recognised Erita. I approached her and asked if she remembered me- she didn’t. I told her I remembered her from the nightclubs opening night and she was amazed that out of all the models it was her that stood out. We stayed up all night talking and sharing stories and Erita told me everything about her. She asked for my phone number and decided to text me so I would have hers- I told her to text me something that I had yet to find out about her and she sent me “I like you”.  It was daylight when we realised we had talked until ten am the next morning. From that night it was love!”


“David asked me to come with him to a fashion gala, which was held at the stunning and elegant Irish castle Lough Rynn House. He had been very quiet all day, he was very nervous and I was wondering why. When we arrived at the castle, he told me that the gala was down in the gardens. We walked down the tree lined, with the sun shinning through the trees, it was very romantic and we were chatting about how beautiful it was. When we walked into the garden I could see the garden in full bloom- such beauty, he knew how much I loved flowers. When we got to the steps overlooking the bright glistening lake, the sun was hot and the smell of flowers in the air was making the day one of the best of the summer. I could see that there was nobody else in the garden and was wondering where everyone was. I looked at David and he was smiling, I thought it was because that nobody was here. I said that maybe we should go to the other part of the castle but before I could finish David ask me to wait. He took my hand in his and smiled. He began to tell me how when he met me that his heart stopped, and when he heard me that he could not do without my voice. I thought he was joking, I didn’t think this would happen, he is always joking. Then I could see in his eyes that he was serious. I started saying oh my god baby, and I started to cry. He was looking deep into my eyes and I don’t know what he said but his words were so beautiful. I was crying and crying and my heart was beating faster and harder. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I was nervous, happy, excited and amazed all at the same time with tears flowing down my face. I can’t remember any of the nice things David said to me but then he went down on one knee and took a small box out of his pocket. He stopped and took my hand and he asked me to marry me, and I was still crying, and I just grabbed him and said “Yes” over and over. He open the box and there was the most beautiful ring. It took it out of the box and placed it on my finger, I was smiling so much, crying and smiling, laughing and crying. It was the most romantic moment of my life, it was perfect: the lake, the fountain, the flowers, the sun, the moment. I will never forget every little detail. We then went to the castle tower where David further surprised me with the largest bouquet of roses I had seen in my life, and a table set up for two with a bottle of champagne on ice. We drank champagne on the balcony overlooking the beautiful lake. Later on I found out he had also organised an amazing dinner in our private room at the castle, and when we went to leave David had a beautiful baby Bentley limo waiting with “Just Engaged” on the number plate. As we turned the corner to the house my heart just stopped, my hands were shaking, I was so surprised I could see all mine and Davi’s family out at the door waiting to congratulate us as we returned. I was so happy. It was perfect; we drank champagne and had a great big party.”


“Our day was amazing, words fail to capture the beautiful moments that made our wedding day. We awoke to grey clouds but happy faces, the weather reflected the early morning nervousness and in Portugal, the land of sunshine, we knew the clouds would pass. Although staying in different houses we both had been up all night the night before preparing vows and getting ready but we still took a moment to find each other with a text of love and comfort full of excitement and giddiness. We had been blessed to have so much of our family and friends make their way over to our little corner of Portugal to spend our wonderful day with. We had decided that our lady of the rock was to be our place in where the sun meets the sea, where the sea meets the sand and where our hearts would meet as one. As we made our journey to the rock the ease of feeling and excitement grew, the clouds turned to blue sky and the sun shone down on us to give it it’s blessing. Our minister was great, Jonas was the life and soul of the ceremony, he guided us through and made all our guest beam with smiles. If I was being honest however, I find it hard to remember anything he said as I was fixated on how stunning and beautiful my bride was- Erita’s smile was joyful. The ceremony was sop emotional as we shared our vows. After the ceremony we travelled back to Praia Verde in an open top old Mercedes sipping champagne with Erita’s hair blowing in the wind. The day was magical from start to finish. We have been honoured by our time in Portugal, something that we will never forget. Our planners, the staff at Praia Verde, the hairdressers and makeup artist, we cannot thank enough. And last but not least our photographer couple Ana and Fernando, who were exceptional throughout the day, we were honoured to have the opportunity to have them both as our photographers as they are gifted with unbridled talent, Fernando with the boys and Ana with the girls. They both were there when the day started and there when it ended. They brought the shine and joy from within us to each frame.”

Photographers: Ana Abrão & Fernando Quintino | Wedding Planners:  Algarve Wedding Planners | Ceremony: Senhora da Rocha | Reception: Restaurante Panoramico | Makeup Artist: Marisa | Music Band: The Originals | Celebrant: João Jonas | DJ: Tiggy | Florist: Oura Flores | Ice Cream Car: Algarve Eventos | Vintage Car: Algarve Classic Cars

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